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Freon type

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Step 1 is to figure out "where did the freon go".  there is a leak that needs to be fixed.

Yes, R134.

Add some dye while recharging to help diagnose Step 1.

I would power wash all of the connections after inspection to clean up where the dirt is that the oil that was in the system attracted.  Note:  this is a good sign for where the leak is.

Check all connections and around the AC compressor seal (common "slow leak" area).

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For an AC refrigerant top off:

With your engine running and AC unit on Max and fan speed high your compressor clutch should be turning and you should be able to add refrigerant on the low side.

For AC system issues:

I agree 100% David L.  Put in some dye and get a UV flashlight off amazon.  You need to find where your leak is from.  

If the leak is really bad and you have 0 refrigerant in the system pull a vaccum and complete the repairs properly.

If you want to test the system and find the leak add more refrigerant to get the low pressure switch to kick in so the compressor starts pumping the dye and added refigerant.

Worse case you may have to jump low pressure switch to get the compressor to pump and get refrigerant/dye in.

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If a pound fixed it, you can perhaps just soldier on. Totally reasonable (respectable, even) leakage for the age if it hasn't been serviced before, being that it's not a hermetic system (compressor shaft seal and a ton of O rings). 

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