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Roll over in Oregon

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This was a few days ago happen on I205 off I-5 thought Portland  three people inside all when to the hospital (no word on there condition) and there 3 dogs  make it out alive.  


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Guest Tim503

This is why I bought a Windsor. I posted a video of a Jayco sideswipe in SoCal. People don't think of the steel cage until it happens. Our first motorhome my father bought to take us around the US was a 1972 28' Champion though. I always think how blessed we were not to get in a wreck. Of course it isn't always the owners but all the others on the road.

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20 hours ago, Cruzbill said:

Chuck B, where did you get the info that excess speed was the cause of this crash? 

Same place he got that irrelevant reply to Bob Nodine's post about toad weights.  Bill D called it "digital diarrhea--"The overpowering urge to post even when you have nothing to say."

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Obviously COVID-19 is impacting us.  Maybe the driver was listening to Homer and Jethro's "Going 90 miles an hour when the chain on my bicycle BROKE".

There is NO further (at least as of yesterday) on the condition of the folks that were in the MH or the police report as to the cause.  

THINGS happen.....

We were stranded on I-73 North just south of Greensboro around Noon last Friday.  A 56 YO Male crossed over There were cables on both sides) from the South Bound lane in a Toyota SUV (no model given) and collided with a North Bound Semi.  The driver of the Toyota did not make it.....instant DOI.  The driver of the truck was shaken, but not life threatening.

The NC DOT closed the road.  We were about 5 minutes behind based on the traffic.  TOO CLOSE for my tastes.  We had to get into the inside lane of the North Bound lane and then move over into the grassy shoulder (it was very wet and mushy) and do a 180 deg turn and go BACK UP the angled ON Ramp for a crossover.  We were then routed through Level Cross, NC.

If you were a NASCAR fan, you MIGHT recognize Level Cross.  The First Station there is #43.....  The fellow that drove that car for years built them the building, I was told (no research....makes a good story).  The VFD labeled it as Station 43.  I doubt that had another 42 scattered about....

PLAY NICE.....we are all a bit testy.....

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