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Magnum Opus Toilet

Grampy OG

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I have an older 2003 Monaco The Executive. While a great coach it becomes a challenge at times to find original equipmento OEM type repairs. One of those challenges is the Sealand Magnum Opus eclectic toilet. The toilet while very nice is dependent on a printed circuit board that is the so-called brains of the unit. Recently my toilets brains began acting up and sure enough I learned that Sealand no longer supports this equipment and all of the circuit boards are long gone and no longer in production. Dang I thought I guess I'll have to replace it with a good 'ole pedal flush toilet. 

Much to my surprise I was following a different thread and I ended up meeting a very very clever engineer who is a member of our forum here. His name is Paul Whittle. Paul with his great engineering skill has recreated the printed circuit board that is used by the toilet. After some discussions it was agreed that we were talking about the same toilet system and Paul was sure his product would work. This was in the late spring and I ordered the replacement board. It was very reasonably priced and Paul shipped it out immediately. At the time shipping was included in the price of the board. I was an early adopter and had an early version of the board. There was one little hiccup that was appearing from time to time so I mentioned it to Paul. Paul said that was a random thing that had been corrected in a new software build. At any rate Paul sent me the corrected board and I returned the original so that he could reprogram it. End of story it is a great product and if you have a need for this type of fix for your toilet don't hesitate and contact Paul Whittle through the Monacoers here. I believe his username is pwhittle. 


Thanks for great product Paul and all of your help.

Ken Wilcox


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I’ll join the fellows admiring Paul’s expertise. I also purchased the control board about a year ago. It continues to function perfectly. If anyone is having a problem with the toilet operation this fix will probably take care of the issue.

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Hi Ken,

I am glad that we got your issue resolved. I had one other user that reported an issue and the software update resolved his too.

The update was to extend the timer on the operation of the flapper before it determined it was an error.

Apart from that update, it is still the same software and if you are not seeing intermittent issues, there is no need to do anything with your controller.


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Paul helped me get the correct limit switch (V155-1C25) to correct my ball valve not closing...blinking led #11 on the OEM  board. Wanted the part on hand so I would only have to pull the toilet one time.

Removed the switch without removing the entire mechanism but decided it would be easier with the mechanism removed to put the new switch in... a mistake in hindsight.

Had to remove the toilet several times getting the ball valve and seal aligned properly so it would hold water again.

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