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2000 Diplomat shocks

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23 minutes ago, pulsarjab said:

I am assuming different models use different shocks. I read what others had done, but none were talking about a 2000 Diplomat. Is that a bad assumption?


Most of the part numbers listed in that thread are for shocks with an eye on the bottom, and stem on top.

Your 2000 or 1999 chassis may require shocks with eye's on each end.

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If we learned ANYTHING from the horse that got beat last week it is this.  You will absolutely have to get the number off of your current shocks in order to guarantee that you order the correct replacement.   Heck I called the Monaco support line at REV and the part number that they offered to sell me for $200 a pop was the incorrect shock.  FWIW, I am happy with the Bilsteins that I bought, BUT:  Ill bet you I would have been just as happy with Koni, Gabriel or Monroe.   I was only curing a porpoise issue and YES the monroe shocks that came off were worn out.


Good LUCK to you my friend!

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