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Bumper Chrome Peeling

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Morning everyone,

I recently encountered a spot on my 2008 Diplomat front bumper that is peeling. Upon inspection, it is not chrome plating, but looks like a chrome wrap. My entire front cap is covered by a PPF, similar to Diamond-Shield. It is fading, peeling and has spider cracks across the entire front. My next big project to remove this PPF. As far as the bumper, it has the PPF, then a second clear film, then a chrome film on top of the plastic bumper. A nearby shop that specializes in wraps is reluctant to try. My question to all is has anyone dealt with the peeling chrome? Had it repaired or new chrome wrapped? Any leads to a shop that can fix this? Or just recommendations in general. Maybe replacement sections. I am actually considering have the entire bumper wrapped in black satin chrome including the fog light bezels. Painting them black or a matching color. All options are on the table at this moment. The PPF comes off very easily with a pressure washer and I suspect that's what got the chrome film. Maybe a sizable nick that let water get underneath. If you look at the Front view, you can see some staining behind the PPF, That's got to go!


Thanks all

2008 Monaco Diplomat 40 PDQ

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited in tow.


Bexel Back.jpg

Bezel Front.jpg

Front View.jpg

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I had mine removed at a cost of 1k. Best thing I ever did. Wasn't 3M. Coach looked good until we spent most of the year in the humid southern climes of our great country. Humidity got behind the shield and started it cracking and molding.....Dennis

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This is what my shield looks like today. Last year prior to the Monacoers Gathering in Lazy Days I called Ugly Shield to see if they would come up to the RV Park and remove my shield. Unfortunately they no longer do that and I would have had to drive down there after the rally. But I already had an appointment for a new windshield at RV Glass Solutions in Lakeland FL. So it is still there and getting worse.

I have been in touch with a company in Texas to see what the cost would be to cover that area with a Polyurea product similar to Line-X which looks similar to truck bed liner but much easier to keep clean. They can match the colors of the coach or make it all black too. They grind the shield off to get down to the fiberglass before they start applying coats of this product.

If the price is right I most likely will make the trip to Texas and have them do it plus fix all of the areas where the clear coat is missing too.


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I do a fair amount of auto painting and restoration work. That basically looks like a chrome paint process over your individual bumper parts. The failed chrome will need to be removed and proper prep done for repaint with chrome paint product. 

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