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A Tale of Warning… (flooring, toilets)

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Taking out tile (all old flooring) to put down new engineered wood and new tile in bathrooms. I’ve noticed a “click” in my 1/2 bath flooring and suspected my subfloor had gotten wet. I had no idea it would be this bad. 

Replacing with marine grade plywood. 

Good news is this is the only spot in the entire coach with bad subfloor…


The warning is to check those toilets for leaks!  I wonder how much longer before I fell through? 😂



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Ugh! It's Spring!! We are supposed to be CAMPING. Floor replacement takes place during fall and winter. Just sayin. 😁 Glad you found the damage before it was too late. You know it'll be a bad day if your wake up call finds you sitting in your black tank....marine grade plywood is expensive but well worth the money.....Dennis

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1 hour ago, Ernie Ekberg said:

We do flooring all year round. I would add a 2x4 to bridge the gap under the own you cut to give it stability. 
You can do marine plywood, but regular plywood works just as well. As long as you don’t have any water leaks- OSB is ok, also. 
If you go to a plywood retailer- no box stores, you can find the rare and elusive made in USA plywood.

Ernie Ekberg- on my knees for almost 50 years

Thanks Ernie!

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You might want to look into Advantech instead of marine plywood.  I’ve used it in the past and this stuff is waterproof.  In fact I had a few small pieces setting outside for several years and there is no swelling or deterioration.

Dan D 

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