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Steering box fluid type

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Good morn,

In the middle of the TRW swap and I swear I read in the manual 10/40 for fluid but also see in manual Dextron 3 from factory. 

I cannot find the fluid chart now that said 10/40. Feel like I’m more crazy now!

Any advice/knowledge would be helpful. Waiting on Torque multiplier to come in tomorrow to get started. 


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My hydraulic reservoir has Dexron as it is red in color. Came that way from the factory. A few years ago when I had the Sheppard Steering box changed out for the TRW by Josam's in Orlando I had them change the three filters inside the reservoir and new fluid.

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Legit had this issue with my hydraulic Fluid... reservoir tank said aw46 manual said DeX 3. All the responses and opinions I got said just match fluid color. AW46 is a clear light Brown..10w 40 oil would be dark Brown. Dex 3 is red light pink. 

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56 minutes ago, Gary 05 AMB DST said:

My 05 Ambassador owners manual calls it hydraulic fluid and uses 15w-40 motor oil.

Gary 05 AMB DST

05 was the year that the Ambassador was moved to the 8 air bag platform like the Endeavor's.


I called Weller just to make sure their box will run on the 10w40 and all is good. Going to run what it brung.

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12 hours ago, Gary 05 AMB DST said:

There is a filter in the fluid container that might need replacement. My 05 uses WIX 51487 or NAPA 1487. I'm starting to see a pattern in the part numbers.

Thanks, it’s on my todo list when I get it back end of the week

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