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onan 7500 Hydraulic slide cylinder how find replacement for 2003 Windsor

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Since it appears that you would do the replacement yourself, you would be better off taking the old one to a hydraulics shop for rebuild. Unless yours is physically damaged, new seals are cheap. That way you have no fitment problems and it would be a fraction of a new cost. I had couple of my cylinders rebuilt with same day turnaround. That's what I would do. 

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Here is a link to the manual for the slide


It is a Power Gear system, now owned by Lippert.  You might contact them.

The cylinder itself is pretty simple, what problems are you having???  In the past I've had problems with the lock valve.  It would get hung up and prevent the cylinder from going in/out.  I've taken the valve block apart and cleaned, also cleaned /flush the system, which helps but has not completely solved the problem.  I even replaced the lock valve one.   I carry a socket that fits the nuts on the end of the cylinder stem so I can take it loose and pull the generator slide out if it get hung.

If your cylinder is leaking you should be able to take it to a hydraulic shop and get it resealed, should not cost that much.  You could try and contact Visione RV which deals in salvage parts, https://usedrvparts.visonerv.com/  

If they have a cylinder you'll pay for it. 

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