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RVA jacks won't retract, need some expert advice.

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I've never had a problem with the jacks, 
Set up now ready to leave and the jacks will not retract. none of them.  I can extend/lift the coach but not retract.
I am going to use the relief valves to bring them up so I can hit the road and solve the problem later. 
Any suggestions on what to look for????  I did check the fuse, which I knew worked since I can extend the jack.  It was good.
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Do they retract under the weight of the coach?

Sometimes one or two of mine don't retract fully.  The previous owner supplied a 2x4 for the final few inches.  Once the retract button is pressed I have to race real fast to that corner and pry it up with the 2x4.   I have less than a minute and sometimes have to extend a bit to retract if the "jacks down" led is lit.  Once the system thinks retraction is complete they are locked solid and I have to press the button again.

Good luck,

- bob


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Hey Jac its funney you should mention this issue, something like this happened to me just the other day. I started my rig an went to raise my levelers an NOTHING, no light an no nothing, all i did was wiggle my ignition switch an the indicator light came on an then it all was working. I dont know if it was a coincidence, however it hasnt happend since. Now i just replaced my ignition switch maybe 8 or 9 months ago for a starting issue which immediately solved that issue, an on my trip to Az i had one time when my turn signils didnt work, again i wiggled the key an “boom!” They started to work... after saying all this perhaps i need to carry a spare. 

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Well, I feel stupid.  Normally when I retract the jacks I can feel the coach move etc.  I didn't feel anything and just assumed the jacks didn't move.  Checked the fuses and then used the emergency retract procedure and still didn't feel anything and then saw all the jacks were up.  DUH!!!

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