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You guys have helped me out with many things since getting this coach so here is another. Do I, or do I not have auto gen start? So I have some labeling in different locations of being careful and aware of the coach having auto start. On my inverter controller I can scroll thru the settings and one of them is the gen auto start. When I select it to set it up I get no other display. So I hope I’m explaining that right because it’s been a few weeks since I looked at it. I wouldn’t think they would have the labeling if it wasn’t equipped with it. Now it’s been a few weeks but it might be possible that it says that it may be equipped with generator auto start.  What do you think?

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23 minutes ago, Ivan K said:

If you have Trace inverter and your controller is RC7GS, try to set time first. If you have Magnum, someone else will help you.

That’s what I have yes. I have the manual I just haven’t looked at it close enough with all the other things I’ve been figuring out. This is next in line.


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Then you have gen start. I believe to remember that for it to work, you have to set time of day first so it know when your quiet time starts/ends. That is at the end of the menu and then you just scroll through it again and set the AGS parameters.

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I received a word document from Dr4film with how he has his setting, below is how he has his set up, I have not checked mine yet.  Note that he has no restriction on quite time based on the time he listed.  You will have to get into the programming mode, I believe you press both arrows to get to this mode. 

RC7-GS Remote Panel Programming



·       Search Sense              =     Defeat                                     

·       LBCO                          =     ON                                           

·       Battery Capacity        =     500 amp                                  

·       Battery Type              =     Liquid Lead Acid                      

·       Charge Rate                =     80%                                         

·       Set Shore Power         =     30 amps                                  

·       External Shunt            =     None                                       

·       Fuel gauge Cutout      =     11.8 VDC @ 0% SOC                 

·       Generator Start          =     12.0 or 12.2 VDC                            

·       Generator Stop           =     Auto Float                               

·       Generator Quiet Time =     23:59 & 00:01

You must set clock to military time for Auto Gen Start

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I agree on the manual, it is not very clear.  I made an attempt set mine up but I think I had one of the settings wrong as to at what voltage to start the generator.  

But if you hold both the UP/Down buttons in it will show the setup screen.  Once you start scrolling through the options it becomes easier to understand. 


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Not sure what version manual you have for the RC7-GS but BOTH of my manuals clearly state in order to access the Set-up Menu, press and hold the up and down arrows simultaneously for 5 seconds until you hear a Beep. Then use the up OR down arrow to scroll through the different settings.

If you need either or both of the manuals I have just ask.

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image.thumb.jpg.dea52f15a67954316db5c3fcf9ccbcd7.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.edf3decf2cc29e03b55a3577a2bc5113.jpgIt doesn’t state it on pg 14 Setup Menu shown below top of the page fig 23 for setting the clock. I did just find it on pg 8 this morning under Operation.  
I went to clock setup as suggested first the other day. I’ll be going to the coach today to see if I can get it set up now. I guess I’ll need to read it cover to cover to perform one function. 




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1 hour ago, Dr4Film said:

I seldom get into my storage case of paper manuals that came with the coach as the case is stored under the bed. However, I have collected a significant number of digital manuals that generally have been updated plus I have easy access to them on my laptop.

Here is one for the RC7-GS.

Trace RC7-GS Owners Manual.pdf 264 kB · 1 download

Perfect thanks Richard I’ll keep it on my phone too.

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