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Sorta hard to understand exactly what you mean by "lighter".

50 amp RV shore power cords HAVE to have 6 gauge for each wire, Load 1, Load 2, Neutral and Ground. The longer the cord the heavier it will be when all coiled up.

The best cable for 50 amp shore cords are ones labeled SOOW. They stay flexible even in frigid weather.

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I run a 14 gauge extension cord at home just to keep the batts fresh and fridge on and plug it into the 50A cord inside the storage bay.  No AC, Elec hot water or other energy gobbling devices.  And I throttle back the on-board energy management system to 15A to make sure I don't overtax the system.  I doubt it could handle much more than 10A as it's 100 ft long. 

It's also the same cord my dad used for shore power on boating trips in the 1960's.  Nostalgia is a precious thing. 

- bob

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I used this.

Southwire 19190008 6/3 & 8/1 SEOW 50 Amp, 125/250-Volt Outdoor Extension Cord CA-Style CS63 Twist-Lock, Custom Blended Jacket, Extra Hard Usage Cord, 100-Feet, 100-Foot, Black
More information:  

I removed the connectors and got enough installed that I have 50ft outside the coach when it is all out of the powered Glendinning cord that drops into a container.

It is much smaller diameter and more flexible than the original Glendinning cable. Glendinning has different sized drive rollers for the smaller diameter cable.

It is normally priced around $300, not the current $500+ it is currently showing. Check for other sources.


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5 hours ago, Chuck B said:

I thought they all came in black.  Chuck B 2004 Windsor


Need your help on a 2002 Windsor.  Please go here....and read and assist if you can...



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