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bBetter brands, better models, what have you used?


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 So my question is surrounding replacing my Transfer switch in my MH. Im in the middle of looking at the Elkhart LPT50BRD and the LYGHT LPT50BRD (Brand name ESCO) THERE BOTH SOLD THRU AMAZON... "who else" both units look identical with the Lyght logo on the top cover. However the price between the two is significant, can someone expound on this please. 
 What I have seen is the "melting" happens at the connecting point of the wires, like so many have spoke about they feared the "loose" connections were in fact the culprits. I concur as all of them I have looked at had melted wires at the terminal strip and I could see how that would cause damage / fire, and in fact I did find a couple screws loose worst was on the neutral wire took almost 1/2 turn. Lucky I have no melted wires or burn spots. 

I have gone back in the archives and found several units that have been used but one are obsolete, or have changed names, what are some of the units you have used?

Thank You


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I think I’ve read here they are the same. Some have ordered one and got the other as that what was in stock. 

They were both out of stock when I replaced mine.

I have the Go Power unit, which is is rebranded Progressive Industries 

Here is pics of install. I since finished it, so do mind the temp wiring you see in the pics 



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The difference between the two most popular ESCO Transfer Switches are the relays and how they engage.

The ES50M-65N uses 120 VAC power to engage the relays which most people have since discovered that they produce a HUM which can be distracting. Whereas the ESCO LPTBRD uses 12 VDC powered relays which do not HUM. Also, the LPTBRD has the shore power relay engaged as the default but once the generator is started it will switch over transferring the neutral before the two load wires.

The ES50M-65N has neither relay engaged until it senses where the power is coming from then it will engage that appropriate relay, either the shore power relay or the generator relay.

My coach has had the LYGHT Transfer Switch installed since it left the factory in September of 2001. I have had no problems with it ,Thank God, as it is located behind the Trace/Xantrex Inverter which would have to be removed just to get to the transfer switch.

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Thanks everyone, i have written down all the different models, gone on line an tried to make sence of what you can see or read about them. As my head was spinning from what i was reading i decided to throw it out to all of you that are using these models, as always i recieved some awsome feedback… i often wonder how things got done before internet an groups like this😎

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I had the ES50M-65 TS in my last coach. I had issues with it for quite awhile until I really got into it. Esco was some help I even visited their business in Elkhart, they gave me a new board, I bought a new relay(contactor). All a waste of time and money. Their board was out of fit terribly with the relays. It was a PITA. Would I buy a new one, I doubt it because they are expensive. The Hum not enough to bother me ever. Richard is correct on how that works. I learned a lot about them.  I have pictures of what I went thru and I blame it on the board and the the dimensional specs it was built to. I know what to look for now if I was to encounter another. I’m sure they have fixed it by now.  

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