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Ok What is this?

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2 hours ago, Dr4Film said:

Or maybe closer to the compressor is better?

Yep maybe, although in residential applications they like it closer to the evaporator. You often see them outside near the unit only because of the convenience of not needing to go inside someone’s basement or home is what I’ve been told. In either case it’s a tough spot to get to.  

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2 minutes ago, tmw188 said:

In either case it’s a tough spot to get to.

I would agree. When I had a new compressor installed back in 2012 they installed a new dryer. It took two of us, the shop owner and myself. I held up the cover plate that is located over the dryer while the old dryer was removed and the new one installed.

You get to it by removing the small narrow engine cover that is located in front of the closet. You will then see a long plate which holds some relays, etc. You remove the screws holding the plate and then one person can lift the plate up at an angle which exposes the AC drier.

Look at the photo below in the lower right corner where it describes the relay's etc. that are located under that cover.

I also installed a switch onto that cover which will activate the PRXB PackBrake which I use when lubing the exhaust brake.

Rear Run Electrical Bay-03.jpg

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