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Deep Cell Batteries


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I need to replace my deep cell house batteries after 7 years of use.  My current batteries are Discover-Energy model EVGC6A-B, 6 volt type.  I am leaning towards Interstate batteries but am in need of recommendations and suggestions.  I am also open to other manufacturers.  I could use a comparison chart to match what I have to other manufacturers but don't know if there is such a thing.  

Tom Gibbens

'15 Dynasty 45D

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I just replaced our 6-volt deep cycle house batteries.  They were NAPA GC-2 deep cycle six volts that came highly recommended.  They did not last well.  After only two years they were marginal and I replaced them at the three year point.  

I almost went with a build your own lithium battery setup but the cells to make them were backed up 6 months.  I estimated this option at $1000.  Search You Tube for Will Prowse videos on making your own LiFePO4 batteries.  (1007) DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse - YouTube

Sams's Club has Duracell and Costco has Interstate GC-2 golf cart batteries.  Sometimes you can find them for $89.  You may also find less expensive ($179) AGM 6-volt batteries there.  

I went with Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries.  They are made in the USA and I found them at our local golf cart store for $129 each.  In our previous coach I had Trojan batteries that lasted almost 10 years.  The down side is they need periodic watering.  

Another good battery is Lifeline GPL-4CT ($360) or GPL-6CT ($460).  They are AGM type, will last well and not require water.  If they fit the budget they are probably the best conventional battery.  

Make sure you take pictures and also draw the wiring connections.  Hope this helps.  

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Got 10+ years out of Interstate engine batteries… doesn’t necessarily apply to their house batteries.
Put 12V AGMs in my Dynasty… lasted 10 years as half timers. Recently got a deal ($900) on 26 100AH Lithium cells so made my own…2-300AH batteries for $1200 and probably 15 hours of my time. Running them (not all of the time) in parallel with my AGM house batteries (still have pretty good life left in them) when dry camping.  
If you DIY Lithiums, they are the same price as AGMs and should last 5X longer. Yes, there is charging when below 32 degrees issues.

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Interstate doesn’t make batteries, kinda a middle man for Excide and other manufactures.

People love Trojan. Myself, I’m just not into the maintenance .  

While I went lithium in my coach, the batteries I put into my boat have been awesome. I think they are worth a look. They make 6v batteries as well



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Years ago I replaced my 6 Volt Acid batteries, that I had to maintain the water level constantly, with 6 Volt Interstate AGM maintenance free (almost) sealed batteries.   They are almost the exact same size of the original batteries so no problem replacing where old ones were.  My Interstate dealer installed the new AGM batteries at no charge.  They charge faster and hold their charge longer.  Less generator time when dry camping.

Make sure your inverter is usable with AGM batteries.  They are more expensive and heavier but the advantages are worth it.  No matter what battery you have, always maintain the battery terminals from corrosion and check tightness as the roads we use these days are mot the smoothest and vibrations can cause problems.  More free time not to worrying about battery fluid levels.

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5 hours ago, planodp said:

lvylog, if you don't mind where did you get 26 100AH Lithium cells from? Thanks

Found them on FB. Guy bought them (probably Ali) for a Gem car/golf cart but the built in charger would not charge them enough. Since I have a Gem I felt he was honest and my son was going to be in his area I went out on the limb and 

Just went to Ali and ordered 8-280AH cells for $370 delivered before 12/4… probably too good to be true but worth a try. Bought 2-200A BMS for $30 and probably $40 in cables and lugs…560AH for $440 plus probably 10 hours of my time. Like I said…too good to be true but we’ll see.



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