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13 hours ago, 96 EVO said:

Bob, looking at the chart you posted, the '08 and '09 models (mine isn't in either for some reason) it shows 'Bag height', and 'ride height'.

Any idea what the difference is?

I would guess the Bag Height is the actual height of the air bag and the Ride Height is the measurement between the top and bottom plates of the mounting for the air bag. See the attachment.


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18 hours ago, duncan8846@att.net said:

Bob and Dennis,  I believe the OP said his coach is on a Freightliner chassis not a Roadmaster



14 Entegra Anthem

15 Windsor sold

hunkered down in N Calif

Missed that. Guess his best bet would be to check with the Ramblin Pushers since they most likely have info on Holiday Rambler coaches before Monaco purchased the brand.


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The HR Endeavor coaches were on Freightliner chassis until 2000 when they changed over to a Monaco chassis some time in 2000. The procedure for setting the ride heigh was changed in the early 2000 from the H frame to the air bag , its not clear the date of the change but i think between 03 and 04 ?  
I know for sure the 1999 Dip and 2000 Dyn use the H frame to main frame figures for adjustment.

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You best source....  Call Josams in Orlando.  Ask for Barry.  He is the service manager.  he has the most complete set of files on the Monaco.  He will help you.  

I THINK that Henderson's in Grant's Pass is also the other "go to"  chassis specialist in Oregon.  They are also experts.  They should be able to look at their files or their charts and give you the info.  Others in the NW will have to correct or chime in...

Good Luck...

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