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LP Tank on-off light replacement


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The red light next to the electric on-off switch at the LP tank (found in the LP tank bay) is burned out. While I can rotate the switch clock wise for on and counter clock wise for off it would be nice to have the light work correctly. This light appears sealed as in there is no bulb to be replaced. Has anyone had to replace this and if so where did you get a replacement?

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2 hours ago, gdroberson said:

I replaced mine it has power but still does not  work have to check out ground side have not done that yet

If it's an LED light (most are now) try connecting it backwards. 

- bob


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On 3/28/2022 at 1:34 PM, gdroberson said:

amazon   NS1-79750LW round indicator light

I purchased this light in an attempt to fix the "no indicator light" problem".  My solenoid was working but no light.  I removed old lamp and replace with this and still no light. Solenoid worked. In an attempt to get light to work, I reversed wires and still no light but... now solenoid will not activate.  No sound from solenoid and, of course, no gas in coach. I tried jumping wires to lamp together in an attempt to bypass but nothing.  Could I have blown a fuse re. solenoid?  Searched manuals but cannot find where this fuse may be.  Any ideas. 

Thanks, John

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Recommend this topic be scanned or read.  Gives more details and also some information on what to and not to do.


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