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Norcold 1200LRIM Free

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My Norcold is being picked up by our bulk trash on June 23rd. I will pull off some of the small parts and keep them for a while if someone needs them. But if you want the doors or the whole thing you need to let me know now. I'm only keeping my wood panels. The unit is in great shape and works fine. Everything is free you only need to pay shipping or arrange a pick up. 

Roy Mercier  2003 Dynasty     miacasa@comcast.net   609.827.7779




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Just swapped out a fully functional twin door norcold for a 17.5 cubic ft Samsung 

it's at Visone RV salvage in London KY, call and ask for Trey. Tell him you want the unit that came out of Vickers 2002

Holiday Rambler Imperial. I have ALOT of heavy work done by this shop, they have the experience like Wildwood Monaco (FL) used too. Their labor rate is very reasonable and they will give you a date your coach will be ready and they stand behind their work

They have the largest supply of used parts in the US  They will

repair your coach and not require you to draft a check on FTKnox to get back on the road  

They also have the best tow service for Monaco's I know of I would argue in a heartbeat with my insurance company about any other company doing a tow on my coach


ps. EXTREMELY HAPPY with my residential fridge, my beer is cold ALLWAYS and my ice cream stays hard plus it holds 

gallons Of milk and drinks and a 10 pound bag of ice

For insurance added two house batteries and went with a 3000watt Magnum Inverter (has a USA 🇺🇸 sticker on it)


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13 hours ago, miacasa_2000 said:

Sorry been out of touch for a few days anyway as in the title it's a 1200LRIM  and I'm in Cape may NJ.  Probably too far for you Rich unless you want to visit the Jersey shore.


I would love to visit up that way but I don't think it will happen soon...if a couple of the crisper drawers and a door shelf or two are available, I would gladly pay shipping and something for your troubles to ship them.😁

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I am not sure what the note at the top means about the answer most helpful . But anyway the doors and the control board went right away. what I still have are

1. all the shelves ( wire and glass) with the center support and side retainers. 

2. door hinges

3. Ice maker (replaced about 5 yrs before I took the unit out) the valve (also new at the time) and the heat tape

4 the cooling fans and misc. wires and the high temp control box (part of the recall)

8. Bins  8 door bins and one large shelf bin

Roy 2003 dynasty

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