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2004 Signature: Power Steering Dipstick Replacement-Hydraulic Reservoir @ Engine Compartment-Detroit Series 60 Diesel

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When checking the fluid at the rear hydraulic reservoir (which is used by several systems including the power steering), I discovered two things:
1. It contained red transmission fluid (Dexron III).
2. The odd-looking dipstick was seriously loose and could have bounced out at any time. The threads were stripped and would not tighten.
A trip to the local Napa Parts found no clue as to how to buy a replacement. After much internet searching, I got lucky and found out the reservoir was a Fleetguard product, and the dipstick part number was MAK9424- 255721S. The OEM part I removed was an "Easy Grip" and was made by the Moeller Prod Co.  I found the identical part with PAI part number EDS-8981. I ordered the PAI part on eBay as the total cost including shipping was approximately $32. At a non-eBay source, the Fleetguard part was $25 but the shipping was $20.

Anyway, I thought I would post this in anyone else needs this part.
Here are some pictures:


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10 minutes ago, Chargerman said:

If you turn the handle it should expand the rubber to tighten it once installed. Are you sure you’re original one doesn’t do that?

Chargerman has got it right. The dipstick is actually a threaded rod with a flat washer that threads onto it. As you tighten the rod, the washer forces the rubber plug to expand and seal in the opening. I guess that is why so many get stripped as the treaded rod and washer are not very durable. My transmission dipstick (accessed by floor panel next to the bed) fastens the same.
My Signature is in the shop for generator service so I cannot do a picture of the reservoir. Second best is page 545 of my owner manual which has a very good diagram.
Here you go:

2004_Signature Owner Manual 545.pdf

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When we picked up our Signature the hydraulic reservoir dipstick was missing also.  We had to use some plastic to cover the opening to get home. 

I installed a small retaining cable on the new dipstick in case it blows off.  

I think what was forcing the dipstick off was the hydraulic pump was leaking ATF from the lube side into the hydraulic system overfilling it.  

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