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Turn signal handle

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Download the parts list or do a search here.  There are folks that found the OEM stalks.  Try “stalks” as well as that is a common name for them.

EDIT…curiosity.  Googled . Got lucky.  Monaco Turn Signal Stalk.  Try this….


looks close to me….

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My steering column is a Douglas Autotech, might be the same as yours.  Attached is a parts breakdown for the column.

Use the Vendor part # to search.  I found plenty of options with a wide range of pricing.  It looks like they use the same kit on a Workhorse chassis. 

Here is the best price I could find but need to do your own due diligence on this.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/275211444954?epid=12046165669&hash=item4013e162da:g:CwQAAOSwTJliLxcr&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8JN7y5Vz8DdzVqF0Z5Tk3B7IdmD%2BTeftCQLeOCxDL4EyYw5%2BbxHuNujZKXzYaX3lcp9jl%2FtS%2Bj8%2FNkcFG9RrTcmXZIp7K3Krr1onunczb0WpwUiHvT%2BlQdqHBiNvw6urcaIn8AkFQqzEmjtlWjL7mbmlSvpvra%2FSRc9d0jui61Ce5lUVviXa6%2FRTbNPaXmN%2BrroVhc%2F5WYf4WlCbb3Kr1%2Fx%2B6JP2iWib3IOPUMFOzGXDxHV0HO9m61K2rJJ3V3u0Rpny0CTSWJ6xtx%2BeeLmZnJAA4GHH78ELK5shNt99eoUb1zK00FehJfsXrVE8TM8Wuw%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_SJiIDjYA

If you use the Monaco number they show this available and you can see what it looks like but it is pricey https://revrvparts.com/item-detail?itemId=56510&organizationId=9

1 Steering Colunm Assembly.pdf

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Morning everyone, hey Mike another option would be that design was used by Ford in there passenger cars an trucks. My 1983 Ranger pick up used them as well as the Ford Escorts. Thats when ford was duplicating the European design for multi function switches. To remove them you pushed in and turned them i believe counterclockwise

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I just had my headlight switch assembly replaced. It was not easy.  We couldn't get my flashers to work after the switch broke off the assembly comes with a new one attached but non working in my case, not the fuse.  To get the signal arm off you have to move that silver pin because the turn arm locks in place once inserted. Really not fun to try and get out. Not a simple twist and turn.   Then good luck finding a new arm if you can't get it out. They don't have just replacement arms and the turn signal module doesn't come with an arm.   Sorry all the info I have

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1 hour ago, Mike T Phillips said:

Thanks everyone I found a 1/4 inch 4.5 inch bolt with one wrap of black electoral tape works just great.        Better than the $310. Plus shipping Rev parts wants to charge.        

Thanks again.   This group was a great help

Mike Phillips 

Find a machine shop.  Have them drill and tap the metal in the plastic shaft to a 10-24 thread.  Then thread the end of the bolt to same.  Screw in the bolt.  Cut off the excess and a smidge of flat black paint….good to go….or try the Mustang stalk.  Good fix…

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