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Dash ac expansion valve location


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  • 8 months later...

Okay I can’t believe no one has had to change expansion valve in 2001 Monaco Signature. I went up where generator is followed the lines the go inside can’t get to them from generator compartment. I need to take the cover off inside above stairs but can’t figure out how to get it off without tearing it up. Anyone please 

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4 hours ago, jgraves912 said:

How did you get to it with out tearing your dash up

Very carefully 🙂 If yours is the same, remove the front door trim, the step handle, screws holding the dash to the floor inside center floor vent and passenger side to firewall. Some more screws by the windshield and defrost vents and maybe some more that I don't remember. Then lift the passenger corner as pictured. Good luck!

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4 hours ago, Gweedo said:

What are the signs that it is bad? 

I was wondering the same. If it failed at the extreme of open or closed then it would be detectable because you would have to much or no differential pressure. I never have however there is a bench method of testing to verify that the valve is moving.  A valve which worked sometimes or out of range would be another matter. 

You aren't going to know until you have gone thru the entire process of charging the system and then discover there is a problem. I'm thinking now that it might be good practice to just replace the valve on older systems. Maybe Ivan will tell us why he replaced his.

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Okay gotcha, I had my chassis AC unit replaced 5-years ago, last year I had to add freon, took a little while but it got cold.  I'll see how it is next month.  They didn't want to replace the long AC lines, but everything else was.  Probably have a slight leak somewhere. 

So is it safe to assume if the above mentioned valve is replaced, the system needs to be evacuated and recharged?  

Thanks for the info.

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