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Magnum Remote ME-ARC Programming with a ME-AGS-N Auto Gen Start System


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This past summer I switched out the older Magnum ME-RC and ME-AGSS that came with the coach to the ME-ARC Remote and the ME-AGS-N for the Auto Gen Start system.

I have read many posts specifically from Tom Cherry regarding the proper programming of the setup menus for the ME-ARC remote which also includes the ME-AGS-N which makes programming the Auto-Gen Start much easier.

Would Tom or anyone else have a file that lists each menu item as to what it should be set at for a house bank of 4 liquid acid batteries? I know that all of the "standard" factory settings that Magnum recommends is not necessarily the best for our Monaco coaches.

A word document or PDF file listing as to what each of the settings should be would really be helpful. 

I had put one together for the Xantrex/Trace Inverter/Charger that my previous Windsor has and shared it with many members here over the years. 

I would rather not have to spend the time on the phone with the Magnum tech people if I can avoid it. 

Thanks so much!

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47 minutes ago, Scotty Hutto said:


Mine is for AGM, so it won’t help you, but thought I’d share it…  This is from working with a tech at Magnum for my specific AGM batteries and setup

Magnum ME2012
Duracell GC2-AGM batteries (Sam’s Club)

Thanks, Scotty.

I will use your setup except I will select flooded cells versus AGM.

The Generator portion of the setup will be easy as it is pretty much the same as it was for the Trace/Xantrex Inverter that is in the Windsor.

I appreciate your help!

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Well, you got me hooked.  I put this together based on my ME-RC.  Now the ME-ARC is way past the level of my inverter....or perhaps is a bit overkill.  The reason, I never plan to install the BMK (Battery Monitoring Kit). I talked to Magnum and they said that based on the age (2008) and my lack of interest in the BMK, that the additional $$$ for the ME-ACR would be wasted. I scanned Scotty's and there are some differences.  I also included my logic as well as what Magnum told me.

I suggest that we go offline with this.  I will run it by Frank as well for his comments. We differ on a few points....such as Charge Rate. I am not of the notion to push mine as I have had the FET's blink the Fault Light and Magnum told me to TURN IT DOWN....or put in more fans.  The Late HotRod also had issues there.

BUT, for the interim....there is a DRAFT and I can modify...

@Frank McElroy  Will send you this....


TGC Rev 1 ME-RC Setup Guidelines DRAFT.pdf

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I pretty much run mine like Tom's.  I have 900 Amp hr flooded.  I ran a separate battery voltage sensing wire to the AGS vs the cable to the magnum.  So no battery voltage drop on the sense wire.  I try to have load below 45amp when on the inverter and never above 90 amps draw (5% typical ; 10% max draw limits).  I have all LED lighting and run the domestic refrigerator in vacation mode (no ice making; no defrost).

Key settings are search watts off, shore power set to shore power breaker but never above 30 amps so magnum can auto load shed charger, VAC dropout at or above 100 in case of brownout, battery type based on what you have.  The Low battery cutoff really depends on battery load.  11.8 is as low as I would ever want to go.

I do have a BMK so I can monitor Amp Hr used.  When I get to about 11.8 V with my typical load, I'm pretty close to 50% battery capacity.


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