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Newsletter Back, Email Verification


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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Good news! The Newsletter is back online! You may notice it looks lip slightly different… I had to delete everything related to the newsletter, uninstall, and reinstall everything, the recreate the newsletter. 

We still have an issue with emails bouncing. Specifically, Yahoo!, Ymail, AOL, ATT, Bellsouth, SHCGlobal, and Comcast… all of which go through Yahoo! servers. 

Because of the high number of bounces fr our site, we want to make sure email addresses are correct. You will *likely* get a pop-up asking you to confirm your email. This will be required on an annual basis.

  • If your email is correct and you are receiving emails, just confirm and all is good.
  • If it’s correct, but you aren’t receiving emails, your email provider has likely reported email from Monacoers.org as spam, and you have been blocked from receiving emails. If this is the case, the best resolutions to use an alternate email address. Invision will no longer unblock emails that have reported ther servers as sending spam. 
  • If your email isn’t correct, please update it. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 

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Received this notice so gather our Gmail email is working as it should.

Thank you for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving.

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