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2007 Navigator won’t stop supplying air to left rear airbags

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So I have a new problem with my 07 navigator, when I originally bought the rig occasionally the right side of the rig would air all the way up I could manually deflate it it might do it a second time and by the third time it would level itself perfectly. Now the left rear airbags fill constantly, until the right height valve is bleeding air off even while driving. Looking for suggestions or anyone who’s had this problem before. The right height valve I know adjust how much air goes to the bags or is emptied from the bags. Could it be that this valve is just stuck open on the inlet side. 

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I had something similar happen to me with my Windsor back in 2018 except that the right front corner would not hold air for proper ride height. I always start from the very lowest point by dumping air using the HWH panel. The only way I was able to move the coach was to turn the HWH Air Leveling Control Panel on, manually raise the right corner to what I thought was proper level and then hold the ON button so the HWH would not turn off when I put the coach in gear. I had to drive like that for about 15 miles on Adirondack mountain roads from Raquette Lake to Blue Mountain Lake where I pulled over for a short rest stop. I lowered the coach by dumping the air using the HWH as usual. Once we were ready to head on down the road I let the coach air up to ride height like I normally do and the right corner acted normal coming up to ride height as it should.

Never did find out what the cause was as that was the one and only time that situation ever happened to me. I attributed it to a temporarily stuck valve in the HWH 6-pack.

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