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Air Leaks, 06 Diplomat

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Here is the parts list for that tank. Hope this helps; unfortunately I don’t have the manufacturer name, but the column labeled “Vendor P/N” is the useful info. Most times you can do a search based on that and the description and find the vendor name and availability.

PS - the “Part #” in the second column can be used to find the part on the REV website, but if they have it, they’ll charge 2-3 times market price  



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I tried searching using the vendor number in the picture that Scotty posted without success.  REV Parts has it https://revrvparts.com/item-detail?itemId=48401&organizationId=9

But the price is 5 times what I paid for mine.  But mine is different, serves the same purpose, I bought mine at Advanced Auto.  If you take the old one off and clean it you'll probably find the number on it.  I was able source a bunch of different parts on my air tanks by doing that.  I ordered most of them over the internet, saved a bunch of money but I wasn't in a hurry. 

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