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Albino Skunk music festivul” Road trip - my journey…

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Good morning everyone, last Sunday i left Nor-Cal heading to South Carolina, on the average i drove 350 to 400 miles a day, with the exception of one day only 166 miles do to using one day to sightsee Nashvill Tn. OMG i was tottaly unprepared as to what i would find in that town, we were there on a saturday i have NEVER known anything that i can compare it to, all in all it has been a very easy trip with a few noticable exceptions, like the summit out of Salt lake, its long and steep, also the number of fuel stops on and after that summit, going thru St.Louis some of the road signs were confusing causing me to take surface streets in order to get on the right on ramp. So asside from keeping a writtin ledger of all the fuel stops i also use my phone app to document my MPGIMG_3422.thumb.png.81147f0a786b03a9a93a2d4580924c34.png

Here is the break down, the cost of fuel obviously was cheaper as i treked east. Now i didnt need to run the genny till the last legs of the trip as the humidity coupled with the warmer climate, coupled with the “Pucker” of smaller roads and at that time i had both AC units running.

So coming here i took a more northen route utilizing I-80 most the way, on my return trip my plan is a more southern direction. 
For the nightly stops we tried to stay with getting off the road around 3 to 4 pm, though the purpose was not focused to use KOA, it was easier to use rather than trying to wade thru the others that had less stars of satisfaction from other travlers. On the average we paid $40 to $60 per night, with the exception being Nashville where our cost was $85 for what i will state was a rip off due to the way were handled and the “pull thru” they put us in. (obviously the person that designed that pull through site had never driven an RV pulling a vehicle behind them.)

My destination is the “Albino Skunk music festivul” where i will volunteer in setting up for a full bore ticket of chef catered meals, parking on site, getting to reconnect with folks I met in May, coupled with some just good ole fashion fun.

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Albino Skunk music festivul” Road trip - my journey…

2.12 miles / $ ?  Kinda makes me wanna sell the rig!

I keep my stats in a spreadsheet on my phone through Polaris Office.  It's Excel / Word / Power Point / PDF on a phone and free (with ads) so there's all my vehicles in multiple tabs and any other xls, doc, pps or pdf I want to have at my fingertips.  Lately the ads have gotten annoying, but they only appear during shutdown where you have to wait 15 sec, which is FOREVER, for the 'X'. 

- bob

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My guess he is including campground fees and maybe meals etc.

Ya, $2.12/mile is a hard pill to swallow but it is what it is.   That's why when I'm going from point A to B I drive long days and just stop overnight and just boondock.  Don't need anything but a parking spot overnight and if it's cool enough don't even have to run genny. 

But if you are going to stop and smell the roses it's going to cost you.  Them roses cost $$$$

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If you are going to keep a spead sheet of what your toy costs you, per mile, camping etc,  why bother is my question? it is what it is and the numbers will only make you start thinking, is this really worth it?, enjoy your toy , I never keep a spread sheet, it will make me sick, I do keep receipts and keep them, only to have them, I really do not want to know the real cost of fuel, etc for a trip I just enjoy the journey, the cost is not going to change, you still have to pay the bills. But then this just me, I am not one to fret over every penny unless I can deduct it for tax reasons.

I have speny my money on RV's boats, airplanes and women, the rest was wasted.

Be safe out there and have fun, Fins UP!

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Habits are hard to break,

I came from the business world where spreadsheets were pretty much mandated. 

I still keep them, have one for the electric and propane bill and other monthly expenses. 

Also have a retirement spreadsheet that I started when I was ~45 trying to figure out when I could retire.  It got pretty complicated with all the expenses, income, savings, withdrawals all plotted out till the age of 100.  I know I won't live that long but at least I know I'll have enough money if I do.   

So keeping a spreadsheet for travel can be worthwhile for planning purposes and reality check.  The fact is when you crunch the numbers the $/mile goes down the more you use it🤬, kind of a catch 22 scenario.

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