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Ignition switch failure?? Questions

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     2003 Monaco Dynasty.  I'm having a few issues to fix.  One is the with the ignition switch (I think).  When I turn the key (not to start), I don't always get the chime noise while waiting for fuel lights to go off before starting.  What else besides the key switch could cause this in the ignition system?  All dash lights are functioning and coach is starting as normal...  just no chime.  What other items would/should I look at in this troublehooting venture...

It might be related to the hydraulic slide not working.  I've noticed when I get the chime, the switch works, when the chime isn't present, I've had to tap on the slide motor & solenoid and that makes the slideout switch work.  I have not tried this with the generator slide function but likely will since we are NOT supposed to intermittently start & stop the big slide.  

Just wondering if these issues are related or tied together.  I'll be cleaning the slide motor & solenoid terminals to see if this helps anything.


Thanks for your input,



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Try swapping the Pac Bell 1 & 2 relays in Monaco Box 2 in the Front Run Bay under the driver.  You can swap with the Horn relay in Monaco Box 1 with minimal impact on other systems.  Easy and quick to do.

Ignition relay in Monaco Box 2 feeds Pac Bell relay but I believe you'd have more symptoms than just the chime. 

- bob

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1 hour ago, MHRookie said:


gotta ask…. What’s the pac bell?

Sorry, Park Bell.  When I had a problem I swapped IGN and and Park Bell relays.  That caused my dash lights to light up and coach to start but the "bell" no longer sounded.  Swapped with the Horn relay and everything worked again.  If you look at the schematic below you'll see those relays are pretty convoluted.  The full diagram is on page 43 of the wiring diagrams that Frank McElroy recently posted in the downloads section. 

As I said before, it's a 30 sec job to swap relays.  When I had my problem I spent 6 hours in a Pilot truck stop trying to trace circuits, check connectors, check fuses to no avail.  After a $1650 tow bill and the coach sitting in the street in front of the house I finally got it running long enough to park in the driveway.  I then spent days trying to troubleshoot, including replacing the ignition switch.  At the time I didn't have the diagram below.  Had I simply swapped the IGN relay I would have avoided all that despair (and a lot of $$$). 

- bob


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