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Solar panel when storing


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by "kill power to the coach" do you mean engaging the battery disconnects?  I don't know for sure, but I would think that would disconnect the solar as well.  Flipping the "salesman" switch up in the front would leave the solar connected.

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The solar panel on my previous Windsor was on all the time. It did not go through the disconnects as I discovered when the alternator was being removed we had a small amount of voltage still present. There are two fuses, one for each system, you can remove that will disconnect the solar panel from the house and chassis systems.

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On my Dynasty there is a separate, fused line, coming into the battery compartment, attached to the pos leads.  This is always live on mine.  

I would imagine yours is set up similarly. 

The quick method to disconnect is to pull the fuse.  


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Bob and Richard are correct. They will unless someone wired it differently. I just installed 200w of solar with a controller using the pre wired house setup and it’s wire to charge the batteries regardless on the battery switch selection. If you have a controller it is highly advised to always disconnect the solar feed to the controller before doing anything with the batteries. The controller needs to see voltage from the batteries before turning on the solar array. I installed a breaker disconnect before the controller to help manage that. The photos below is from my Windsor as is what Bob is talking about. I got the same info from Jacwjames when I was tracing down the wires for solar. 





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