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Need NEW TPMS Sensors for OEM “Tire Sentry” system - 2004 Diplomat; Located in Germany


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Hello everyone,

Can any of you tell me where I can get 6 new tire pressure sensors? Nobody in Germany really knows where to get them. I have a 2004 Monaco Diplomat. It would be great if you could give me a tip on where I can buy the sensors.
Thank you very much and stay healthy.
Greetings Jörn

(sorry for my english)





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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Need NEW TPMS Sensors for OEM “Tire Sentry” system - 2004 Diplomat; Located in Germany

I did some googling.  Best I can find is that the “company” or perhaps the division or operation of the Tire Sentry is no longer in business.  Many requests on other sites for a “source”, dating back to say, early 201X’s….which would have been 10 years after it was used.  No help in these posts. Interestingly, there is a “tool” still being advertised for the system.  Scanned a copy of the OEM manual and assume that you had external sensors screwed onto the valve stems. Maybe a member can comment.

From a bit of history and following the growth of TPMS in the US, there were a few specialty manufacturers and the “Firestone” tire failure episode in the USA on the popular Ford Explorer was the catalyst for the US DOT to eventually require OEM TPMS.  Many of these companies were small and some big players like Bendix or an Automotive giant purchased them for intellectual property and technology.

Your best alternative, in my opinion, do research locally and find an aftermarket system designed for large trucks.  You could attach Velcro to the face (remove the fuse or disconnect power) to the face of the monitor and then use velcro on any of the aftermarket monitors and possibly mount it there.

Monaco later added an internal sensor TPMS….BUT that company was swallowed.  So, many have more expensive systems and are faced with your issue.

Pressure Pro is a popular brand here, as well as some others.  Myself and two other staff members used it and preferred it.  It was reliable and some of the founders of this site worked with the company and did testing and evaluation.  Most importantly, though, to me….the son of the founder of the company has developed it into an entity that seems to be stable.  Many of the TPMS out there….and this is a “broad brush” painting popped up, made flashy items, and then folded.  

So, when deciding, look for longevity of the brand or Company.

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11 minutes ago, vito.a said:

You may consider changing to a modern system.  I purchased a new TST system, and it works great.  One of the nice features is I can change the sensor batteries myself.  

Link to TST tire pressure monitor systems: Home (tsttruck.com)

I couldn't get sensors for a TPMS I bought in 2009 and got the TST system, very pleased.

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5 hours ago, Dick Roberts said:

I bought a TPMS system from Tire Minders off of Amazon earlier this year. 
Also bought a compressor from them. It’s small but produces 200 psi and runs off of DC. 

And don't forget the "fire sale" on select Tire Minder systems.  I needed to replace 2 sensors for my TM-77 system and the TM-88C was essentially "free" with 4 sensors.  Once the stock is gone the sale is over.  https://www.minderresearch.com/  Now . . . . once I got my TM-88C the display was very dim in day time.  They swapped it out with a better display that works great in direct sunlight, so you might need to send it back (2x across the pond 😞 ).  Customer Service has been excellent.

Either that or the Pressure Pro, which also gets good reviews.

- bob

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Like some of the other members I have a TST tpms and it works great. it comes with a signal repeater included. I use it to check the tire pressures before starting out in the morning. I had a tire lose air from a bolt puncture on the towed car and had the tpms report it to me within 3 seconds and have video proof of this. It saved us from a lot of damage.

There are a lot of different systems on the market and choosing is not so easy. However, buying cheap is not the best choice. I have seen a number of people report that the cheap tpms did not last and had to be replaced.

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