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Door Bell AND Keyless Entry

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I have separate doorbell and keyless entry. 
First, anyone know how to reset the keyless Entry?  
Secind, anyone know how to replace the doorbell?

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from 2004 manual: 

Entry and bay door locks can be operated using the touch keypad located

adjacent to the entry door. Three lock codes are pre-assigned and are unavailable

for future use as unlock codes.

• 555 - Locks entry door and bay doors if connected.

• 557 - Locks entry door and bay doors if connected.

• 559 - Locks entry door and bay doors if connected and arms keypad

(flashes momentarily once every 15 seconds).

NOTE: Due to preassigned codes, number(s) 5/6 cannot be used at the

beginning of a new unlock code.



fuse panel.tif



Unlock codes should be personalized upon receiving the motorhome. Unlock

codes have two categories: Master and Optional codes. Master code enables

motorhome entry and auxiliary control. Deletion, adding or changing of Optional

codes are performed at the Master code level.

INFORMATION: Consult the system owner's manual for

further information.

• To lock: Shut the door. Enter one of the three lock codes to lock the

entry door and bay doors, if connected.

• To unlock: Enter Factory Default Master code or a three to eight digit

personalized Unlock code, if programmed.

All motorhomes equipped with the keyless entry are shipped from the factory

with default settings. It is recommended the unlock code be personalized for

security purposes.

To Program a Personal Number:

1. Located in the curbside armrest is the Programming

Switch, identified by a small black button with 22-gauge

wires connected: Yellow is power - Black is ground.

2. Press the Programming Switch until four (4) rapid beeps

are audible.

3. To open the memory for accepting the personalized Master Code,

enter 1119 on the keypad at the entry door.

4. Enter the new 3 to 8 digit master unlock code within five seconds.

5. Wait five seconds for two (2) rapid beeps.

6. Test the new Unlock Code.

7. If the code was not accepted, repeat the procedure.

WARNING: Ensure possession of entry door keys prior to

testing new personal code.

NOTE: These instructions are for motorhomes equipped with

"keyless entry" only.



Keyless Entry Code


Keyless Entry Key Fob:

The motorhome is equipped with a Key Fob to unlock and lock the entry door

and the bay doors.

• Upper left button on the Key Fob is used to lock the entry door.

• Upper right button is used to unlock the entry door.

• Bottom left button is used to unlock and lock the bay doors.

• Bottom right button is not assigned.

NOTE: The key fob operation distance is approximately within 50

feet of the motorhome. If the door locking mechanism is not

audible, the marker lights will flash when the doors are unlocked

or locked.

NOTE: During any service work, it is recommended all key fobs

be left with the motorhome for thorough testing and check procedure.

If the Key Fob does not respond, and it has a new battery, the Fob may need to

be authorized.

• Locate the keyless entry receiver box behind the instrument cluster.

• Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.

• Locate the program button red in color.

• Situate both Key Fobs within reach.

• Hold down the program button for five (5) seconds.

• While holding down the program button, press the Lock buttons on

the Fobs, one at a time.

• Release the program button.

• Turn ignition switch OFF.

• Test remote Key Fob.

NOTE: If the motorhome is factory equipped with an optional

security system, the security system remote will lock or unlock the

entry door and bay doors when the system is armed or disarmed.

However, if the entry door is locked and armed with the security

Key Fob, it must be unlocked with the security Key Fob to disarm

the security system. Using the keypad to unlock will not disarm the


The keyless entry system can be used to unlock selected bay doors.

To unlock the bay doors using the keyless entry system:

• Enter the programmed unlock code. The entry door will unlock.

• Within five seconds of the first sequence of numbers entered, press

the number 9.


and doorbell from same manual, but not dealing with replacing: 

The door bell button is located next to the

entry door on the outside of the motorhome.

The two-tone door bell chime is located in the

vanity cabinet just under the sink. A momentary

switch completes the 12 Volt DC circuit, activating

electromagnets to pull a plunger down against a

measured resonant metal plate and compress a

coil spring. When the electromagnet releases, the

spring forces the plunger up against another

resonant metal plate with a different tone.


Door Bell

chime vanity.tif

Face-plate. 031081 Face-plate removed. 031081b


Exterior Door

Bell Button

Door bell chime: Located in Vanity Cabinet.

If the chime fails to work, check the 20 Amp fuse rated #4 in the domestic fuse

panel. If the fuse immediately blows again, there may be a short in that circuit.

Consulting a technician is recommended.

Items on the circuit include:

• Hall Lights

• Bath Ceiling Light

• Vanity Lights

• Door Bell

• Baseboard Heater (Optional)

If chimes seem sluggish, the plungers can be

cleaned with a nonflammable cleaning fluid and

wiped dry.

NOTE: Never oil chime plungers.

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