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2007 Monaco Signature. Air Leveling and Transport to Repair facility

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I've been through the site before relative to my leveling system. I've ordered a new manifold from Valid, and it has arrived. My largest challenge has been to locate a mobile repair outfit to work on it "in place." No one wants to touch it and they all want it in their shop. Ok. That's fine. Now....since no leveling works at this point, it has become painfully apparent that I need to have the unit towed to a shop. I'm South of Houston, near Wharton Texas, but am prepared to tow to Victoria, San Antonio, Austin, or ideally Houston metro to repair. It will require loading the Coach onto ta flatbed, to move, as the clearance is very low, (significant high centering loading challenges) as you all know with no air. 

That being said....

1.) I've given up on the mobile repair 

2.) Looking for a reputable shop in any above the above listed metros for this work.

2.) Looking for a trucking company that would have the capability to get the Coach up onto a lowboy with its low clearance issue. (I do have a half dozen calls out for the trucking part, but am still waiting) 

Appreciate in advance any thoughts or ideas here folks.



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Been though it a couple times with the Valid guys. There is a hard fault in the rear leveling manifold. Ideally, we would replace that and everything would come back online...."Ideally" My wife, (former Air Force F-16 and A-10 technician) suspects a deeper dive will be needed, and I agree. Ground Fault maybe, dead short maybe...general electrical FUBAR is more likely the case along with the manifold failure. 


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I was gonna suggest totally bypassing the manifolds and know how to do it on our HWH but Valid may be different in ways I don't know. Still believe it would be doable by connecting bag and ride valve lines at the manifold with some PTC couplers. Effectively making it a coach with no levelin, just for the transport. An other, brainless way, would be to install schrader valve PTC fitting on bag lines and inflate them...

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Go to the forums on here and search “Help! Stranded in Houston. Lost Drive Shaft, Coolant hose and damage to air valve(s?) Need resources and advice” . The culprit list a good tow company and RV repair shop. He was broke down on south 69 so not far from you. Maybe that shop can send a maintenance tech to your location. Hope this helps you out.

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All I know is second hand, but I helped a friend get his 2007 Valid on his Dynasty…FIXED. Background was “he had an air issue”.  Drove to Florida to Josams.  They fixed his air leaks and found the compressor was KAPUT.  Put in a hew compressor and air system is 100%.  Josams has one or two “Monaco” specialized techs….long time employees and GOOD.

They THOUGHT all his valves had mositure issues….  The PO had, ss part of the deal, had a local tech install a NEW control “box”….but it never was “quite right”….and they blamed the “MH Air system….

OK….Josam’s did NOT overnight the “box”.  So, they started replacing a valve.  Second new valve….NO JOY.  So, Mike, the tech spent about 30 minites on the phone, back and forth….then the Valid suport tech said….

START FROM SCRATCH.  Pulled out the control or maybe unplugged it and let it “drain” off any furbar gremlins.  Then hooked it back up.  The tech took 20 minutes, as I was told, to do a complete FACTORY RESET…..as the first tech was obviously in…way over his head,

THEN…..all was well.  There is, I was told, a setup routine….where you go through and set it up exactly the way Monaco did on the factory floor,

That was 2 years ago.  NADA a minutes trouble since then….

I do NOT know if Valid will offer that level of tech support to an end user.  BUT…from what I was told….there was a “self diagnostics” in the hard reset and if there were issues with Ground or Circuit issues….they would have been identified.  There was NOT, I recall, any “hook up a laptop” ….just a knowledgeable tech in the MH and a good support person….

I saw my writeup and post just a few minutes ago.  Wonder why the search didn’t cartch it?  

That’s just what happened….real world….with a good company….

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Thanks Tom!

I talked to John B at RV Masters in Houston. High level of confidence that they can fix me up. Now to get it towed there, on a flat bed! John gave me a number, and I'm waiting for a response to my VM.

Getting closer!


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I used Iron Horse RV in San Antonio a few years ago.  New engine radiator, cleaned the CAC, and repaired a few miscellaneous leaks.  Great people to work with in my opinion.  They've since changed ownership hands, but it appears the quality of work has remained.  I would not hesitate to return there.

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