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2007 Endeavor A/C Compressor

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I am trying to find the correct Sanden part number for the Sanden A/C compressor my 2007 HR Endeavor 36' PDQ.

I have looked everywhere I can think of on and in the coach for a build sheet with no luck.

We were unable to find any kind of a tag in the generator or condensor compartments with the compressor information.

My wife was able to get a couple pictures of the compressor but the Sanden part number is obscured under a hose or bracket.

It is driven from the serpentine belt with a multi groove pulley. 

I was just diagnosed with several compression fractures in my spine and can't get into the engine bay right now to help her look.

We think we might be able to see the rest of the tag by removing the closet doors and rear (front?) section of the engine cover but that might be a couple months down the road.

Is there some place on this (or any other) forum that might have that type of information?

Thanks in advance.

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@sgracer  I can't say about your 2007 Endeavor but our 2003 Endeavor came from factory with a Unicla UP-150 compressor.  It matched a Sanden 4663 compressor, which I specified, but the shop replaced it with a Seltec compressor.  Being 4 yrs later no telling if yours is the same.  Don't forget a new dryer and expansion valve. 

- bob

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The part number is over to the right side of that tag, under the hose or bracket. That's pretty much the picture we got from ours but the actual part number is what's needed to order a new unit. Thanks though.

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13 hours ago, Happycarz said:

Sanden 508 S135 is cast into the compressor.  

I have no other label, nor can see the underneath side next to the green label. Sorry.

There's probably a good chance yours is a different part number  anyway being in a Camelot but again, thanks!

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