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BlueFire Monitoring

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Hello Group!  I have a 2006 Holiday Rambler Scepter  with a Cummins ISL400 and a Allision transmission that I wanted more accurate information on than the dash gauges would give me so I purchased a BlueFire monitoring system.  The problem I am having is that it comes with a 9 pin adapter and the port under my dash is 6 pin.  I got the conversion cable from Amazon and I can monitor some engine data but cannot see anything from the transmission.  In the electronics bay outside under the drivers side window there are two more ports, one for transmission and one for ABS.  I know that you can get transmission info from that port as the technicians at the shop can scan it with Cummins Insite software.  I plugged the BlueFire into that port and don't any info on my iPad.  I contacted BlueFire about this and was told to just search some of the online forums to see if anybody had found a way to make this work.  Figured there must be some Y connector that could put the two 6 pins together to make the 9 pin feed but haven't found one yet.  I figured this would be the best place to ask if anybody had already been successfully down this road yet?  Any advice would be appreciated.  

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Same boat.  I have the 6 pin under dash and no transmission data on the Bluefire there as it is J1707 network I believe. 
I do get the transmission info in the rear run bay, which is J1939 network.  
I too wondered about tapping into the can bus at the transmission or installing a twisted/shielded cable from the rear to the front just for my Bluefire.  I have access to really good twisted/shielded multi-wire, just haven’t gotten around to even trying it yet.  
Curious to see what others chime in to say.   Following. 

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The techs that worked on my RV that used the Insite software said that he "Thought" he could build a bridge between the two ports...however getting somebody to actually do this is a complete different story.  I am sure if I had (and spent) enough time to learn how it all works I could build the Y connector and make it work.  I just thought that I would be "reinventing the wheel" and that what I needed would already exist...which is why I emailed (they don't list a phone number) BlueFire as I figured they would know best what works with their product.  They did reply but I would say their "Customer Service" is poor at best.

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Bluefire has a 9 pin to 6 pin adapter cable but you need to make sure you have the right one for your adapter. (Ie. green, black, etc.). You can find all this out on the website. You can search for “Bluefire LLC” to find it. The owner Mark is pretty responsive by email. He runs a pretty small shop and gets a lot of messages but will respond to you. 
I just sent my adapter in for firmware update. I purchased the wrong update at a higher price. Mark emailed me right away, and instantly refunded my payment. I reordered the correct update and mailed my adapter off. A week later it showed back up.
On several other occasions I have had questions about configuring my dash, issues with dropped connectivity, etc and have emailed Mark. He has always responded within a few hours and solved my issue.  That’s been the kind of experience I have had. I think his customer service is pretty good. 

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Posted (edited)

Good Morning,

I too have a 2006 HR but it's the Imperial with ISL 400 

I added the Bluefire to my data port under the dashboard with the 9 to 6 pin adapter from Amazon, and I get Transmission Temp, Selected Gear and Actual Gear on my android tablet.


My20 ELD 6 Pin/9 Pin Adapter Cable (J1708-J1939) https://a.co/d/0w7Na6L

Not sure why yours does not. Maybe try an Android Tablet?

I purchased a Amazon Fire Tablet. 


Good Luck. 


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Thats the same cable I bought, and I doubt if there is a difference between and iPad and an Android tablet as they are only used as displays.  I think I have to rewire like Scotty Hutto did to make it work, just gotta find time to do it.  If I got the trans temp alone I would be happy, but since I removed the transmission heat exchanger and replaced it with two Derale electric fan transmission coolers and added powered vents to the rear engine doors I am less concerned with trans temp as the dash gauge now stays middle scale.

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