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2005 Windsor no toad charge line

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Hi Everyone,

My 2005 Windsor doesn't have a charge line in the factory 7 pin plug, but it does have an unused spot.

Wondering if I can pull power from my back electrical bay to supply the unused pin for my toad charge line instead of running a line from the front electrical bay?

I have attached two pics to try and help explain my question.

Sorry if this has been discussed previously I tried the search but didn't have any luck.



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You might check that relay to see if it is ign enabled. 

After I removed the battery maintainer and BIRD I had a relay like that and decided to use it to power a small fuse block I put in.  It is energized when the ignition is on.  I wired the auxiliary  tranny cooler fan I installed. 


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I will does it matter if it is hot all the time or should it be ignition enabled because there is an open post on that bar that is hot all the time i could use any thoughts are much appreciated.

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My connector wasn't wired for charging at all. I added that wire through a resetable breaker in rear run bay and is always hot. No problem for me. Does nothing when no toad is connected. 

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  • Solution

Here’s how to do it like Monaco or factory.

Get a 5 pin Bosch relay from Amazon,  I’d buy a BOSCH OEM.

Get either a base with screw terminals.  Or find a “inline harness” for the Relay.  You need  the one with #12 AWG leads…not 14 or 16. Amazon has them.

Order a “self resetting” 20 Amp (6 - to maybe 24 VDC) or a pure 12VDC.

OK…here’s the drill.  Locate an Ignition signal in the rear.  Engine ON = 12 VDC….doesn’t have to be ENGINE RUNNING…just KEY ON.  There will be one back there….see the prints.  

Next, locate a “stud” or source of 12 VDC CHASSIS battery.  Most will use a HOT one…. There will be one back there.  Do some probing.  You really need a STUD…you don’t want to use a fused wire. You can even run a #12 wire from the Chassis Disconnect “ON” stud…if SO, put in a 30A inline fuse….to protect the wiring.

Here’s the narrative schematic.

Terminal 86 is GROUNDED.  This is one side of relay Coil.

Ignition wire (switch on) goes to terminal 85…other side of coil.

If you use a stud…run a #12 wire from stud to terminal 30.

Run a #12 wire from terminal 87 to the RESETTABLE Circuit Breaker.  Then on the other side of the resettable CB, run a #12 to the pin on your rear connector.

BINGO…turn on KEY. Relay is energized…power goes to CB…then to rear connector…

NOW, if you run a wire from the battery…make sure you know where and mark the fuse.  Folks might say…. You should NOT need the resettable 20 A circuit breaker….but… I’D do it

Good Luck…

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Thank you for your knowledge I really appreciate the help.

I have ordered the parts from Amazon and once again thank you for  the reply's this  is a great group of people unlike so of the other post's I have read on different sites with so much sarcasm and rude comments.

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