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Crash repair Update, 1998 Monaco Dynasty no slides 40 ft. model

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Good Day All,

I am very encouraged seeing the photos coming in from Ultimate Collision and RV in Peoria.  Their fiberglass folks are real artists.  Thanks to Don Fleming, we got two doors from a burned out Monaco in Victorville, and the staff at Ultimate were able to get the pieces they needed from Arizona RV salvage in Glendale.  With such a huge chunk of the side blown out onto the Bakersfield freeway, it is amazing they are able to recreate what it looked like. Hope to get it out by first of August and they will repaint the repairs.  When Visione in Kentucky had absolutely no parts for it, and all other salvage yards came up empty handed, I feel fortunate so far. I'll post the accident photos and where they are today. Thanks for all the good advice.








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Yes, thanks to all and I am most appreciative of Sunny and his staff getting the rig INSIDE to start work  on it. Its been 117 degrees everyday and our food cans would pop! He got it into a bay as soon as he could.

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