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Who is LYGHT Power Systems???

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I just received a transfer switch that I purchased through a marine supply distributor.  I thought I was purchasing a ESCO LP50BRD, but received one with the front decal indicating it was a LYGHT Power Systems Transfer switch.  Inside the front cover, it says "manufactured b Elkhart Supply Corporation".  See the two attached photos.

My curiosity got the best of me and I called Elkhart Supply Corporation.  The gentleman that answered the phone acknowledged he knew LYGHT Power Systems, but was evasive when I pressed him for more information.  I asked if I could purchase the LP50BRD directly from him and he answered "yes", but that his production was sold out well into April.  I asked him if the LYGHT LP50BRD used exactly the same components as I would get if I purchased the transfer switch directly from him, and he again answered "yes".  

So my curiosity remains unsatisfied.  Since the ESCO LP50BRD is the transfer switch that seems to be strongly favored by most members of this group, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on LYGHT Power Systems (no pun intended)?



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Guest Dive Dive

I was wondering the same thing.   I just recently ordered one to replace the stock transfer switch.  

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My 2002 Windsor came with one which was delivered to the OP's in September 2001. It's been trouble free for just under 20 years now.

Have no fear, they are one of the best.

However, in honor of Bill Groves if he was still alive today, he would have posted that the Lyght/ESCO LPTBRD Transfer Switch is inferior to the ESCO ES50M-65N model which is the one where members have commented that the relays are constantly buzzing. The relays in the latter are 120 VAC whereas the relays in the LPTBRD are 12 VDC which explains why they are buzzing. He would also post how the two switch the neutral plays a role in the differences between the two.

Personally you will not go wrong installing either one of these transfer switches.

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When I replaced my original transfer switch several years ago because of a couple charred wires, I replaced it with the Lyght unit.  During install, I was disappointed to note that it used small-head flat-blade screws that were very tough to get tight on those big wires without stripping out the heads.  I replaced them with allen-head screws which are much more secure.

I may have gotten a Friday-Monday switch (LOL) because I've not read about anyone else mentioning a similar issue with the Lyght screws.


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