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Trailing arms


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Hi all,

So, while doing research on my 2006 Monaco Cayman, I came across a recall on the trailng arms.  Apparently this occurred when Monaco went out of business and we are all stuck with the bill.  I have read it effects 2002-2004 Monaco's with 4 air bags;  however, I see included is Monaco Cayman 2002-2009.  Has anyone replaced their trailing arms due to this? Does it expand up to 2009?  I just bought my rig, 60k miles and feel like I gotta dump all kinds of money now.  Anything helps.....

Thank you,


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This was/is a very common issue. It was one of the first items I checked off prior to the purchase of our 04 Knight.  First thing I would do is check and see if yours have been replaced. There is a good chance they have been hopefully. Look at Source Engineering as they have some good Info there on the arms and what the look like. 

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My research indicates 

(i)             Monaco Knight 2002-2004

(ii)            Monaco Caymen 2002-2009

(iii)           Monaco Camelot 2002-2007

(iv)           Monaco Diplomat RR8R

(v)            HR Ambassador 2002-2004

(vi)           HR Neptune 2002-2009

(vii)         HR Sceptre 2002-2007

(viii)        HR Endeavor RR8R

(ix)           Beaver Sabrina 2002-2007

(x)            Beaver Baron all years

(xi)           Beaver Santiam RR8R

(xii)         Beaver Monterey 2002-2005

(xiii)        Safari Passage 2002-2004

(xiv)        Safari Cheetah 2002-2007

(xv)          Safari Simba RD all years

(xvi)        Safari Sahara 2002-2005

(b)            Identification: 3” square tube trailing arm passing under the axle

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In my humble opinion, it depends on what kind of use the coach is getting. Heavily loaded long trips over rough roads such as multiple alaska highway trips (frost heaves), or heavy gravel use, change arms proactively.

If just wandering interstates a few times a year, and not overloading...inspect arms every so often. A crack will be  be apparent.

When they break it is noticeable. Ours swayed and fishtailed. We were not towing but had a 800 Lb cycle on a lift on the back. Stopped safely and called tow.


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On 4/19/2021 at 9:17 PM, Lolo1034 said:


I got under my rig and took these pictures.  To me it looks like the beefy trailing arms I saw pictures of....what do you all think?20210419_190339.thumb.jpg.0773c219320b59cb22eb36e9b6ddb47c.jpg



Yes, I would say they have been changed out already. Good deal👍

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I just had my trailing arms replaced a couple of months ago. I did not see a problem, but with everything I read I didn’t want to take a chance. I ordered the parts from Source engineering, and had a local truck shop replace them. 
The other reason I went ahead and did it was, I have a friend with a HR in the range of the recall, and actually had his arms break.


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I'm in the process of replacing the trailing arms because one of mine broke while on a recent trip. It wasn't until we were home that I actually found out that had occurred. I'm also planning to install the Ride Enhancement Kit. Did you do that also?

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If your Cheetah is on a 4-bag Roadmaster chassis, yes go with the ride enhancement kit.  Source Engineering is the supplier of choice and it sure helps keep the driver planted in his seat and hanging clothes on the closet rod!  Since you seem to going after major chassis improvements, the best one I did was converting to the TRW steering gear.  And congratulations on not getting hurt with the failed trailing arm!

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