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96 Monaco Windsor - What is this?

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39 minutes ago, Blacknight said:

John-can you please elaborate on the statement you made about "least serviced fluid system" on a dp coach-i'm always trying to learn-Thanks!

He meant that system gets the least amount of attention (serviced, change fluid) on a Diesel Pusher in his opinion. 

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I had the three Nelson filters replaced back in June 2017 and fluid replaced when I had the TRW steering box installed in place of the Sheppard box.

The filters had never been changed nor was the fluid. Since the system had never had a problem or opened up I didn't expect to see significant aging on the filters and fluid which there wasn't.

So the old filters and fluid were 16 years old with no plans to change them out again unless I have a problem where the system has to be opened up.

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Hydraulic fluid often gets contaminated by water on farm equipment.  Farmers will put the waterlogged fluid in an outdoor turkey fryer and cook it at a little over 212F until the water boils off.  

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