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I am trying to find the coolant filter on my ISM500.  I can find the part number for the filter, but I can not find where they put it.  Please give me a clue where to renew my search.  There is a filter on the roadside area with a gage that lets you know when to replace it, but I think that's the hydraulic filter.  That filter is located above and to the left on one of the fuel filters and to the right of the tag axle air pressure regulator.  I have looked everywhere around the radiator, but nothing, unless they really did a good job of hiding it.  Thanks.

Woody Miller

09 Dynasty Regal IV

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In my 05 Ambassador owner's manual it gave a replacement time for the coolant filter. Couldn't locate the filter. While in Elkhart, stopped at the Roadmaster chassis factory and asked the manager about it. He told me that the EPA eliminated it for 2005 because it was a environmental hazard. Showed him the owner's manual and he said that the manual is carried over year to year, the elimination of the fuel filter was missed.

Gary 05 AMB DST

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