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24 volt Chassis Batteries

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I'm wondering if somebody can explain to me why my 2005 Monaco Diplomat has 2 x 24 volt chassis batteries?

I have 2 batteries connected in parallel. The alternator is 12 volt I believe.

This seams odd to me.

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34 minutes ago, tmw188 said:

Two batteries in parallel is 12v assuming they each are 12v. I think you are simply confusing the term parallel with series. 

Confusion - YES! But he stated TWO - 24 volt chassis batteries. That's exactly why posters need to also supply photos when they make a post to help explain what they are concerned about so that people can help them.

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** Fake News My apologies **

I'm over on the west coast so you guys are up long before I surface.

I'm in a park and the volt meter was 'deployed and owned' by another "motorhomer" who was checking his own batteries and wanted to use my rig as a comparison.

I just unpacked my gear and retrieved my own volt meter and checked, of-course they are 12 volt batteries - Truckers Choice. I should have know better.

I haven't a clue what the other guy was doing but I thought I saw a 20 'something' volt reading. He probably had the thing set on some weird setting. Any tool in the hands of a novice is a dangerous thing.

'Never trust a reading that you didn't take yourself. 


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Not necessary so.  Not all members monitor the site daily.  They read posts one day and do not visit the sight for a week or more.  They then make a costly serious mistake that could be harmful to their health and well being.  I would not want it on my conscious that I posted something wrong that sent a member to the promise land.  Not everyone knows everything.  There are neophytes on the group.  Chuck B 2004 Windsor

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