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Air bag reducer bushing

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We have a 2007 Monaco Dynasty Countess 3 and want to change the rear air bags.  We have Contitech 9 9 -12 and have ordered the replacements.  We need the 3/4 to 1/4 push on air fitting reducer bushing.

We have tried Napa but they don’t stock any and said they can’t order it.

The picture shows my existing bushing that I will need to replace.  Does anyone know where I can order replacements?  

I will appreciate help!




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You will probably just re-use the bushing since they require a 1 1/4" hole and Monaco supplied a 1 1/8" hole so you have to remove the bushing (1 1/8" Socket) to get the air spring out.  All you need to buy are the 1/4" elbows since the easiest way to remove them is by snapping them off on some locations ( thank you HockeyDiesel) or just removing them on accessible locations.

I used a 1 1/4" wrench and a crescent to remove the air line nut and 3/4" socket to remove the air spring nuts.

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4 hours ago, georgeandlouise1 said:

Thanks for your information.  Will try to buy some.


If I buy the elbows do you think I steel need to buy 1/4 inch push on hose fitting?

I like them, 1/4" 90° push on fittings.  It's one piece not an elbow and a fitting.

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Air Springs Conti Tech 99-12P 730 (AS8897) (64664)
1 ¼” wrench & Large Crescent - remove air nut first
Break off the 90° 1/4" fittings not easily reached with a wrench
1 1/8” Socket & Flex ratchet – remove 3/4" bushing (bushing will not fit through the 1 1/8” hole)
¾” Socket – remove two upper and two lower nuts last & remove bag
Use extractor to remove broken fitting piece from bushing
Stubby 1/2" pneumatic impact wrench helps

Drill hole to at least 1 ¼” and bushing won’t have to be removed next time

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