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Anyone know where I can get a new half moon hubcap

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I bought mine on ebay but just checked and prices have quadrupled.

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1 hour ago, Dr4Film said:

Veurinks RV - https://shop.findmyrvparts.com/rv-chassis-parts-s/121.htm

Make sure you pay attention to the number of notches in your cap as it make a big difference.

Wow Richard, I opened the link and found a part for my washer I have been looking for for a year!

THANKS for the link


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Take one off the other side and go to a truck stop or chrome store.  They have a variety of sizes and styles.  You just have to match up the number of tabs.  Worst case you’ll have to find one with tabs that are close and take a Dremel and grind off some metal.

I have had to do that a couple of times.  I actually cut a “spare” the last time.  Now I also use a little bit of silicone around the tabs and I haven’t lost one since doing that (fingers crossed).

Dan D, 2012 Diplomate 43DFT

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You can purchase the original part from Veurink’s in Grand Rapids Michigan. 
(616) 281-5111 select parts they will reply usually within 1 business day. 

They purchased the remaining Monaco Inventory prior to the REV purchase. 

They have them with the original R for Roadmaster on them. 

We have had aftermarket hubcaps the didn't fit exactly. Purchased from Veurink’s and 10,000 miles later still in place. To me recollection they were reasonably priced. 


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