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Let’s Try This Again… (Debbie Hutto)

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Hey gang, good news!

We busted out of the hospital and are halfway home.  (Valdosta, GA) we will complete the journey today  

Yesterday was scary as heck, and I haven’t slept in days, but joy comes in the morning, and yesterday morning she felt well, all of her labs came back clean, and we were discharged. 

21 days in the hospital; 11 in intensive care, a major surgery, and an infection/relapse... Might be about a year (2023 Gathering) before I “vacation” in Tampa again…

Thank you for all of your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers.  Special thanks to @pwhittle and @granvillebarker for taking care of Magic (it dog) for a few days each.  Thanks to the ladies (and Gents) of the Monaco Gathering, led by @stacyhall for putting together the cards, games, and activities for Debbie (adult coloring books are a hit!) Special thanks to @David Pratt for helping arrange the extra days at Lazydays. Thanks to all who prayed, and who got their prayer warriors praying for Debbie. 

As much as we love traveling in the RV, home never sounded go good!

With deep appreciation,
Scotty & Debbie Hutto

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