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Filter / muffler

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Its funny how when a person sets out to one repair only to find theres another that has to be done. So tonite I decided to take advantage of some time an to lube my exhaust brake, everything was just fine when I bumped into the filter at the bottom of the cylinder, and the tip almost fell off, so I have been searching the pac brake website and there is no listing for it. Anyone have to deal with this before? The centered metal filter part looks really plugged and im sure the pressure from operation didn't help, I look on line at the cylinder and I see it, however I can't find a listing for itūüí©!!!

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I have owned two different PacBrake Exhaust brakes on my Windsor with the ISC-350HP. The OEM one that it came with from the factory and the upgraded PXRB model. Neither one of them came with a filter.

What engine do you have? That would help in trying to identify exactly what you are referring to since you didn't include a photo.

Here is a link to their support page where you can find part numbers for their exhaust brakes.

Service, Support & Troubleshooting | Pacbrake (pacbrakeoem.com)

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Guest Ray Davis

First I've heard of a pac brake muffler but there it is # 3 on page one.  I'm 99% sure I don't have one.


11 minutes ago, Rikadoo said:

cintered metel

Wonder how many people know what that is?   LOL    It's actually every where, very common, various uses.   filters, bearings etc 

Sintered Metals | Products Finishing (pfonline.com)

A.  a sintered part, most commonly copper or steel, is made from powdered metal that is placed in a furnace and heated to a temperature below its melting point. Pressure is applied, and the metal particles adhere to each. The finished product is porous 

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So just playing the devils advocate here, your partially right in that it doesnt flow much air… that said part of the yearly maint is to put several drops of oil in the cylinder, couple that with its immediate location… engine compartment, right next to the exhaust, plus givin some of the off road trails i visit, im just starting to see a service item (im retired an helping out in a MoHo shop) either way my own moho on decell i would see the trans downshift then the pacbrake would ease in, im lookin to see IF this makes a diff.

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