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Side mirror was struck...

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If that is a velvac mirror you should be able to buy a replacement for the bottom. From the picture looks like a couple of the clips are missing from the mirror side. The mirror clips on to the round mount. I had to get a replacement last year after one of them came off in heavy winds. Got it from velvac directly. 

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I passed a dump truck on a bridge and had no choice but to let the driver take part of my lane at 45 mph, he hit my mirror but no damage thank the Lord.  There are a lot of new truck drivers on the road these days.

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We went to the storage lot to get our Diplomat for a weekend trip last weekend and when we pulled the windshield curtains back to head out I discovered the lower part of driver’s side mirror was missing. It wasn’t on the ground anywhere around the front of the coach. 

Can anyone identify which brand mirror it is? It’s a 2001 Diplomat.

I couldn’t find the brand anywhere on the bottom, sides or back.


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On 6/10/2023 at 2:34 PM, Dr4Film said:

You only have two to choose from, Ramco and Velvac. I would contact both companies to find out which one has the mirror section that would match your mount.

I did some digging in my owner’s manual and they actually listed the brand: Velvac. This is the one I ordered:


It arrived yesterday but we had thunderstorms today so I won’t get to try it out till tomorrow morning.  I’ll have to install it tomorrow morning before we leave tomorrow afternoon.


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