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M100 Shepard steering box leak at vent hole

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My Shepard steering bock leak has a leak at the vent hole. They don't sell a replacement plug and say to silicone the hole closed. It is still leaking. I cleaned it with acetone first but is still leaking. Her is a couple pictures and one picture you can see Hydraulic fluid on my generator exhaust from driving about 300 miles. Any suggestions??? 

Steering box leak with silicone.jpg

Steering box leak.jpg

sterring box leak before silicone.jpg

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It sounds like it is time to do a TRW steering box replacement. The leak is probably due to a failed seal which will only get worse. Plugging vent is a just a patch and will come back to haunt you. Lost steering due to a cracked seal on I 85 in South Carolina. Not fun 

Bob U 2000 Dip

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I responded on IRV2 but thought it might be beneficial if I post here also

Not 100% sure but I think the leak is from the dust cap on the sector shaft. I have a M100 Sheppard manual, here's a link https://www.rhsheppard.com/wp-conten...v-B_8-2014.pdf , and it does say that after assembly you are suppose to cover the hole with RTV type sealant.
But at the end of the sector shaft there is an O-ring and my guess it's leaking there and since the dust cover isn't suppose to contain pressure it just leaks.

There is a Sector Shaft seal kithttps://www.amazon.com/M100-Power-Steering-Sector-Shaft/dp/B09RZJY9R2?th=1  that you can buy and the job can be done without removing the steering box. I found this video and it looks like the rig had the same type of leak.


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I posted these on IRV2 but figured it wouldn't hurt to post here also.

I crawled under my rig and took pictures of the Sheppard steering box to help Tim identify his.  Mine has the name and model number cast into the the drivers side of the box.  It is pretty visible once you get light on it. 

Unfortunately the way it is mounted I don't think the seal kit could be installed without dropping the box. 


steering box looking up.jpg

steering box side view show make and model.jpg

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