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WAS BlueFire Diagnostics purchased by Microsoft? May have been Blue Fire Xbox video game?? INFO??

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I *think* (although I have not been able to confirm) that the “Blue Fire” purchased by Microsoft is actually a game, not the Engine software.  Please correct me if I’m wrong. 

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3 minutes ago, cbr046 said:

Why would MS purchase Bluefire LLC?  Doesn't make sense.

- bob

The only reason it would make sense is for Microsoft to acquire vehicle interface expertise.  To a company that is interested in monetizing the data and location services.  But Microsoft is already aligned with OEMs for this background...so I think it's a duplicate game name that they are more interested in.

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Mayhaps a link to the article or the “MSFT Buys Blue Fire” that you could post???

Blue Fire is a popular Video game.  It is developed by ROBI Studios and published by Graffiti Games.

 See screen shot

There is no Google INFO about MSFT buying the game, but it is popular on the MSFT XBox.  Blue Fire video game is not affiliated with BlueFire (LLC) Diagnostic and Monitoring company…

Goto BlueFire-LLC.com.  No news there or on the financial sites about MSFT purchasing…..but HEY….one never knows.

@Cajunboy1959….   The link for your information or the article stating MSFT has purchased BlueFire would be helpful…..




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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to WAS BlueFire Diagnostics purchased by Microsoft? May have been Blue Fire Xbox video game?? INFO??

That is old. I used (past tense) the BlueFire on a Windows Tablet. That is a work around to use it with Windows. Windows does not like BlueFire LLC and wants to block it's use.

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  • Solution

I don’t quite get the same interpretation as posted.  There is a lot of documentation on this if you google.  Your screen dump is a note about a past version not being supported.  MSFT often, much to my and other’s chagrin, updates “stuff”.  Their interface (MSFT) is going to be revised or upgraded.  Thus the support for the old 3X version will be phased out.  My take.  There is a newer version, provided by MSFT. It is “probably” more powerful and will allow many other app or software developers to utilize it. Thus….it is a really “great” upgrade.  BlueFire is not, as I read, owned by MSFT.  The “App Developer” used the 3X version which MSFT has to “allow” …..same as there is probably an equivalent Apple IOS “developer’s tool” (my layman’s definition is a specialized software program or interface.  These are used to make a system (digital) interface and work with various OS’s.

NOW….doing a little more “sniffing”, BlueFire LLC is well aware, as they have to rewrite the “code” for the super gee whiz 4.X version.  If you google…..you’ll find this.

Many times…..way to many to count, you get a “pop up” about some kinky little device that needs a “firmware” update….the BIOS on a PC is a classic example.  Used to to do this with a disk or a flash.  Finally, they figured out how to handle this “really tedious and dangerous” operation to happen seamlessly and it just….HAPPENS.  You get the standard warning……DO NOT POWER DOWN OR TURN OFF…. Which implies that the whole device (PC) will loose a critical part of the bootup sequence….and if one doesn’t follow the protocol…..you have just executed the system…

Bottom line.  It APPEARS that BlueFire is on top of this.  The $10 is just to handle the shipping…..and they MUST reprogram it on a special device….now….do they throw it away and give you a new one or can their “electonic” monster kill the old firmware and then “reflash” or reprogram it…..and it is NOT possible to do that with a PC?  NO IDEA….

BUT BF is updating the adapter so it will work with the new one.

AS the old LOST IN SPACE line goes….”Danger! DANGER!! Will Robbins”.  As LONG as one doesn’t UPGRADE their Windows 10 and keeps the old “developers” software….which will no longer be supported (as in no more upgrades”…..then nothing needs to be done.  BUT, if you let one of them pesky “auto updates” get loaded…..and you get ver 4X….your old hardware adapter ain’t gonna work.

MSFT does this…..all the time.  Apple does it.  My wife’s ATS had a NEAT interface…..you used iTunes and we saved over 3,000 songs to our HD.  Then you could make custom playlists and whatever and then “transfer” that to an older iPod.  Version 6….

BUT….Apple kept upgrading the iTunes OS…..version 4 is now maybe version 12.  Eventually, the new iTunes could NOT download all of our music and playlists and categories and such….I finally stopped updating.

THAT’s my layman’s take.  We have a lot of app and tech savvy folks that can explain or correct my simple overview…..


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