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Sensor Locations

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I couldn’t find a topic thread on this, so here goes!

where are the sensors located for the fresh/grey/black tanks on an 03 Signature ? 
i have searched and can’t find them. 
Pics would help!

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I think 2003 was the first year Monaco used the Aladdin system for measuring tank water levels.  These sensors are actually pressure transducers and prone to failure.  If you do have an Aladdin system, the document link below should help.  The sensors are likely located on the side end of water, black and grey tanks on either the DS or PS.



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Each model floor plan has a slightly different arrangement.  The key is to locate the RJ11 telephone cord and follow it to the end. 

The sensors have a large black 7/8" hex head with a female phone socket for the wire.  When installing use several layers of Teflon tape and do not over tighten!

After changing them you must follow the Aladdin calibration procedure for each sensor.  It's fairly easy but you need the code (1218) to get into the Aladdin system setup menu. See pages 20-21 in the attached guide.  

Catcon Products Inc - Products, System Monitors

Aladdin Tank Sensor 16622728 - Northwest RV Supply (nwrvsupply.com)

or here? Aladdin tank sensor for use on holding tanks I 500-10050-07 (findmyrvparts.com)

Aladdin Troubleshooting Guide 2003-2006.pdf

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After getting our 06 Dynasty back home from picking it up in SLC, I removed and delicately cleaned the sensors then calibrated them. That didn't help at all.

I purchased the SeeLevel Tank Level System which is 100% better, more accurate and far easier to use than those useless sensors.

Good luck!

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The Aladdin sensors for the gray and black tanks are installed in the lowest points of the tanks.  Mine are right beside the drain holes for the slide valves in the wet bay.  I have to remove the stainless steel covers to have access and they are quite a ways back there, but I have replaced them without too much difficulty.  My fresh water sensor is right in the center of the tank with the bung installed as low on the side of the tank as possible.  I have to remove a small access panel in the next bay to get to it.  I have replaced all of mine over the years and have found that the black tank sensor lasts a couple of years, the gray tank sensor about 4 years and the fresh water sensor 8 to 10 years.  Their longevity is directly related to contamination.  I will likely NOT replace them again as the price of new sensors has gotten exorbitant.  The next time they fail, I will likely replace the entire system with the Seelevel system.


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