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Driver side drops within 30 minutes after leveling

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Raised front up to maximum while working on gen exhaust. Worked off and on over several days as I got the parts I needed, so had to raise front up to maximin each time. That’s when my problem started of the driver side dropping after leveling. While checking for leaks, the hwh panel stop operating. No lights on panel coming on. I checked the salesman switch, it is on, but no lights on the hwh. Where is the fuse located for the hwh?  What is my next step?

Update.  Got lights working. Travel height working, dump and raise working. So, problem is, won’t stay level.

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Interesting, I have the same left side drop issue. Pad still works, sort of. No manual adjustment by station. Travel and raise/lower continue to work. What I've been told is, short of upgrade, is computer box needs a rebuild (no longer made) by HWH. Also need to refurbish all the six packs and air lines. Maybe even the level sensor. My summer project before Seffner! They have been very helpful so far (HWH).

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My 05sig has a controller mounted in the ceiling of the middle bay and a second one mounted under it. I pulled them down cleaned contacts and checked all fuses. Turned out my control pad was bad. Randy at HWH walked me through the whole process and ordered and sent the parts needed. They are a big help.


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I had to repair our HWH leveling system.  There are four fuses in the front and 12 more inside the leveling computer (mounted to the ceiling in the main basement compartment).  It turned out the original ground wire to the drivers control panel had the wire pulled out.  I repaired the ground wire and this finally got power to the panel but then I had other issues.  I ended up sending in both the control panel and the leveling computer to HWH.  They were great and turned it around in two days and the price was very good.  The only catch is you need an authorization and they are extremely busy.

I also installed a new digital leveling sensor and aligned the system.  It now works fantastic.  

Detailed link with pictures: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/repairing-hwh-2000-series-leveling-system-in-a-monaco-coach-389075.html

Reading your update you probably have several leaks in the air tubing and air solenoids. 

You need to get the coach up in the air because after you locate the leaks you need to bleed the air down to work on the solenoids. If you do not have a lift, build some ramps from 2" X 12" boards stair stepped together.

Someone also posted a link to a leak detector spray product on Amazon that is superior at finding leaks.

This process takes lots of time and patience and very few shops have either. HWH will work on your system if you are near Iowa or Paul Maddox.

A good way to start would be to search this section and the Roadmaster section and pre-purchase the o-rings needed. Mike Canter suggests you use Dupont Viton orings. The internal oring is a -019 size, the large one on the bottom is a -028 and the small one on the bottom is a -015.

Then remove the 6-pack valves in both front and rear and rebuild them. Label all wires and air lines. It will help to have a special "pin wrench" tool and cannon plug pliers to get the valves apart.

Here are some links to get you started:
Air leak in chassis leveling system

You Tube video:

Hope this helps.

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I realize you guys keep referring to HWH but on my 2006 Camelot the control panel says Valid PowerGear. Is that only referencing the controller and the solenoid 6 packs are by HWH? I presently am in South Dakota for Sturgis Rally & a few events in Deadwood. My drivers side will not stay up & level, tired of walking uphill & downhill! 
Appreciate all the info but slightly confused on system.thanks

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There are two basic air leveling systems that were installed in our coaches depending on year and model. They are HWH & Valid, similar in design but different in parts, etc. You have to refer to the correct manufacturers manual for troubleshooting steps, etc.

I have the HWH Air Leveling System installed in my coach. Had leveling leaks for many years mostly in the rear. If the site was higher in the rear than the front it would not bother me so much as once the rear leak down or manually lowered I would raise the front to maintain level.

I finally took the coach to Josam's in Orlando and they went through the entire leveling system. They found one valve in the rear that was leaking pretty bad plus they also found the wiring harness was hooked up wrong to the six-pack valve block.

We have been parked in a fairly level site since early May and the coach hasn't moved one mm since first leveling it in May. I am a VERY happy camper now.

BTW, I never use the Auto-Level function as it never gets the coach as level as I want it to be so I always level manually using a bubble level sitting on the shelf under the small pantry cabinet wall next to the kitchen counter which is about the middle of the coach. The bubble level is still there and hasn't moved in either direction.

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