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RV Whisper & SeeLevel Gauges - 2006 Diplomat

Scotty Hutto

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3 hours ago, Joelsheriff said:

Nice set up. I have an 07 Dip. What is whisper and bully. I have a sea level not II.  Can you explain how you have intent access and those readings on an app 

Thanks!  Bully is the nickname of my RV.

The app is called RV Whisper.  It’s a system that allows me to monitor temperatures, battery voltage, etc. either via internet, or if in the coach, directly. It’s fairly inexpensive. I use it to keep tabs on temps in the coach for the dog, the fridge, the batteries, and my wet bay temp. They have a lot of different sensors. What I really like is you can set up text alerts based on any sensor. Here’s their website:


I have internet full-time in the coach using a ToGo Roadlink (aka Winegard ConnecT 2.0). I have a 100GB/mo data-only plan through Cricket @ $55/mo.

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56 minutes ago, Ed Adair said:

I’ve been looking at the Seelevel gauge system myself where did you mount the tank sensors? If possible could you add pictures?

Sure.  I thought I had more pics, but all I have is this one of the fresh water sensor: (curbside - on my coach it’s difficult to access the freshwater tank from the wet bay / roadside bay door)

57A43847-80B0-42DA-ADC2-EDEB28DA1606.thumb.jpeg.68ceb6a8ce938f4eae465585caece706.jpeg (The blue tape is temporary to test the sensor)

I ran a 2 conductor double insulated 18 ga wire across the top of the wet bay to the gray and black sensors to tie them together.

I mounted my gray and black water sensors exactly as Bob Nodine did in this post on irv2:


I disconnected and removed all of the red/white existing tank sensor wiring shown in Bob’s pics.  I used the existing wiring harness from the factory sensors to tie the SeeLevel sensors back to the display panel inside (and also to power the wet bay SeeLevel display)  I used a Dremel tool with a thin-cut blade to remove the existing KIB sensor panel and mounted the SeeLevel panel there. 

Note: If you want to connect to a RV Whisper, you need to purchase the Bluetooth version SeeLevel 709-BTP3

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9 hours ago, Ivan K said:

Very nice job. I was curious which version of RV whisper you use and why, never crossed my mind to use it with SeeLevel and that's a great idea. I was considering it when deciding which battery shunt to get but never got to it yet.

I got the 4 sensor package (the one with 3 temp and battery voltage) and added a fourth temp sensor. The base monitoring stations are all the same and very expandable; it’s just a choice of what sensor package you want to start out with  

I called and talked to the folks at RV Whisper and they were super helpful. Their tech support is awesome. I emailed support with a question Saturday and have a response within 5 minutes. Something else I like: when an upgrade is available they email you and ask when you would like it pushed out to your unit.  They don’t want to create a problem with an unannounced upgrade  

I also called and spoke with tech support at SeeLevel because I wanted two displays (inside and wet bay) but only wanted Bluetooth on the inside display. They were super helpful and steered me to a way to do that in a less expensive manner. 

just a note: you have to have the SeeLevel 709-BTP3 to connect to the RV Whisper system.

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On 10/11/2021 at 10:52 AM, Scotty Hutto said:

@Bob Nodine, Quick question… Did you solder your wiring connections or use butt splices?  Also, when using the winterizing wiring harness, did you create plugs and use the existing connectors, or cut the connectors off and splice/solder?


I did not solder them.



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