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We took our coach to a chassis repair due to a constant alarm we could not stop‼️It took all day but they got the alarm stopped‼️In reading the repair order they only removed the alarm buzzer‼️We drove 200 miles without incident ‼️Should we be concerned about this alarm? Really perplexed as what to do‼️


‘04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 36

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what alarm was it for?  reverse?  Slides moving?  Engine?

Alarm clock?

Need more info.


I would be concerned if they just disconnected the "alarm" to silence it.  they need to find out WHY the alarm was signaling.

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Did the alarm only come on after driving a little way, and getting up to temp?

I had this happen to me, and found out that the temp sending unit was just a little too sensitive. While my engine temp is perfect, I tend to get the alarm when going up hill.

I tried replacing the alarm module. (See picture). This module has five inputs, and one of them is the engine temp. 
the module is just behind the dash.

not sure if that’s your problem, but this it what I had







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Alarm module
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Based on the above comment, it sounds like one possibility is that you might be getting an alarm from the “jacks down” signal from your jacks.  That is one scenario that would cause the behavior you mention. (Alarm starts when parking brake is released, stops when it is applied)

When you release the parking brake, do you get any flashing lights on the jack control panel?

You may also have a bad Nason switch on your parking brake air valve.  That switch can go bad, and create an issue similar to the one you describe.  See the following link for more about that:

The good news is that this is not an expensive part, and any decent truck or RV mechanic should be able to replace it. Hope this helps!

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1 hour ago, RekaAnn$ said:

The alarm comes on after the air brake is released & never stops beeping until air brake is in park! No low air light on the dash‼️  Any suggestions on work shops in Oklahoma?

‘04 HR Endeavor 36

On our 03 Endeavor the air alarm was totally silent for 7 months, even with no air pressure.  Then one day it was constant until aired up and driven a bit (air pressure would build up and maintain).  The last 2 months the air alarm seems to work as it should (while building air) and comes on if I set the parking brake with transmission still in drive / reverse.  It's my habit to set the brake first, then tran to neutral.  I can live with that . . . . not sure about the wife. 😄

But as others have said, you need to know what alarm was disconnected, and especially need to know if you fall below minimum air pressure *BEFORE* you start descending a downhill grade, or heavy traffic, or . . . . 

- bob

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On 10/10/2021 at 1:27 PM, waterskier_1 said:

I'd be very concerned.  You don't know what was making the alarm, so don't know if you still have a problem.  It's the same idea as pulling out all the warning bulbs in the dash so you won't be bothered by them.  

  -Rick N.

This only works and is acceptable on Jeeps. 🙂 (I am a Jeep fan)

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